10 Most Profitable SEO Niches to Start an Online Business

A lot of niches suck because they’re too competitive and they’re not profitable. Today I’m going to break down the 10 most profitable SEO niches to start a online business in. Sometimes you need to find a customer first, not a product. That’s a simple way to find profitable niches. So keep that in the back of your mind.

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In essence, you want to look for what people are looking for, right? The industries, what issues they have in a lot of them, and then go figure out where to plug in the niches around them. So let’s go over some niches.

One. Health and personal care. So when you look at health care, whether it’s a nootropics, or ketogenic diet, or teeth whitening, there’s so many health related topics out there, or a hypnotherapy. All these topics do really well online. They have tons of traffic, tons of volume, and you can monetize really well.

Now another niche, vaping, CBD oil, oil diffusers, all this kind of stuff is doing really well. And you’re seeing even niches within there. So for CBD oil, whether it’s for joint pain or headaches, right? You’re seeing people create products for very specific niches, even within CBD.

Three, tools and home improvement. From home bar equipment, to wine refrigerators, to things that make your home better like reverse osmosis systems, all of these topics, you’re probably like reverse osmosis systems?

Number four, alternative bicycles. EX like the electric bikes, adult tricycles, biker accessories. And we’re even seeing sub-niches within the e-bike industry. From e-bikes that go really fast, to e-bikes that you can use for off-roading, to e-bikes that you can do tricks with, e-bikes that you can take casual strolls and don’t go too fast.

Five, solar panels, anything that’s eco-friendly or even vegan protein powder. I know that’s very specific, but we’re finding those niches to do really well. Solar, we’re also seeing a big push on right now because the governments in many parts of the world are trying to really reduce the pollution and create a more friendlier earth.

Number six, house related niches, kitchen, grocery related stuff, like grocery delivery, home and bedroom, outdoor furniture. We’re seeing that industry boom, from like patio furniture. It’s massive. A lot of people aren’t creating content around it.

Number seven, wardrobe and wardrobe accessories. Believe it or not. Even with COVID, people are still typing in a lot of stuff related to wardrobes, or organizing their closets and it’s booming and not competitive much at all. And I highly recommend creating content around that.

Number eight, board games and action figures. Action figures has been booming because a lot of people also collect them, board games, we’ve been seeing a boom in which people have been playing more board games at home. And we don’t see this trend dying anytime soon.

Number nine, electronic car accessories. So you see Tesla, there’s a lot of Tesla competitors coming up, even the old car manufacturers, like the Porsche’s and the Fords. Everyone’s getting into electric vehicles. But there’s a whole slew of accessories that are coming up for these cars.

And number 10, the pet supply industry. Pets, huge market. You know, a large chunk of homes out there throughout the whole world have pets. It’s well into the double digit percentiles. I don’t know the exact percentage, in the US is quite high on the dog ratio. And every country varies. But here’s, what’s interesting, you know, pet supplies. There’s a lot of pet supplies out there and creating content around it, becoming affiliates or even selling any product related to pet supplies is a massive industry.

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