4 Daily SEO Tasks That You Need to Do (And That Produce Results)

Google, on average, makes over eight algorithm changes per day. That’s a lot of algorithm changes. So, how do you ensure that you’re doing all the right things to continually stay at the top of Google? Today I want to break down four daily SEO tasks that you ought to do.

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I’m at neilpatel.com/ubersuggest. Now some of the daily tasks that I do use Ubersuggest, and some of them don’t, and I’m going to break them all down for you.

So the first daily task that I like doing is checking my rankings. So if you’re on Ubersuggest, if you haven’t, you can type in your domain or a keyword, hit enter, and then I want you to go and click on the dashboard button. This is going to be where you add projects.

Project gets added and then your rankings will load. Sometimes it takes 10, 20 minutes for the first set of rankings when you just added your project. But let’s go to the rank tracking report and let’s look at, you know, as you can see here, I already picked up a few keywords.

Within the next five, 10 minutes, more will be picked up. Let’s look at one of my older profiles, Neil Patel, and I can pick custom time ranges, like last 30 days. And then you can see how your rankings are fluctuating over time.

And this is really simple because then you can see, all right, are my rankings going up? Cool. The ones that are going down, I will look at those pages and see what I need to do to improve them so I can get my rankings to go up back over time.

And I would look at, all right, who’s, and some of these results are localized. And I would just look and be like, all right, who’s above me? What are they doing? And what do I need to be doing to rank higher? So then I would just look at their pages and compare them to my pages.

The second thing that I like doing in Ubersuggest on a daily basis is I go to the keyword overview and I’ll continually search for new keywords. So I already know about the keyword SEO company, but I may type in keywords like digital marketing.

And what Ubersuggest will do is it’ll show you a list of keywords, some content ideas, list of keywords, and the search volume over time. So let’s say I look at the list of keywords. I’d be like, huh? You know, maybe I want to go after digital marketing company.

And I can add the keyword. And what I would do is I would look for other keywords that I haven’t added yet. I’m going to go down cause not all of them are relevant. I’m going to keep going. Let’s see. Digital marketing firms. I probably want to go after that keyword.

And then click add. And by doing this on a daily basis, when I go to my keywords list, I’ll constantly have more keywords in here.

So then that way, I can continually boost and increase my rankings because SEO is all about keywords. The more keywords you have, the better off you’re going to do, assuming you actually take time to create content around those.

The third thing that I love doing is just doing a regular site audit. So, as you can see here, neilpatel.com is already loaded, crawled. And if it hasn’t been crawled today, just click re crawl. And the reason I like doing this is, as you constantly make changes to your website, and you constantly update things, you keep getting more and more SEO errors or things can go wrong.

So I’ll look at, like, the critical arrows. These are some pages that take too long to load, and I’ll have my team work on fixing this because that’s more server related. For the issues that are more warnings or recommendations, some of them I can fix like a page without a H1. That’s easy. I can go fix that myself.

The fourth thing I like doing is to head over to Google search console. In Google’s search console, you’ll see where things are going wrong, where they’re not, and they’ll list good URLs, bad URLs, URLs that need improvement. You can open up any specific report. You want to see less red. And as your yellow increases, you want to see less yellow, and you just want to go through all the reports.

So, like, I like going through, like, the enhancements, like breadcrumbs. Make sure there’s no errors. I like going through, actually, AMP, breadcrumbs, FAQ, and I just go through them. Just make sure there is no major errors.

It’s a lot of little things. And by doing that, you’ll consistently rank over time and rank higher. So that’s it. Those are the four tasks that I like doing on a daily basis.

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