7 Essential Skills Digital Content Writers Need

What you need to do as a writer is, you need to have concise statements.

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So if you’re a writer, you’re writing to either draw more attention in and eventually convert those eyeballs and that attention into leads, customers, right? Google analytics tells you what content they like, what they don’t, what’s causing them to bounce. It won’t explicitly tell you what’s causing them to bounce, but you can make some educational based guess based on the data that they’re providing. It’ll also tell you the type of content that converts the best, the type of content that doesn’t.

So that way, when you’re writing, you can write with the end goal in mind, which is eventually you want to have a conversion, whether that’s someone buying right then and there, or turning into lead, and it’ll provide you that data.

If you continually write and write blindly, and you write based off what people tell you is amazing, do your friends do, that’s all great and fine and dandy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what you’re writing is going to convert into revenue.

So there’s over a billion blogs on the internet. That’s roughly one for every seven people. There’s a lot of blogs. The amount of content that’s being pushed out each day is so overwhelming. We don’t really need much more content, everyone’s regurgitate the same information.

If you don’t have a strategy, how are you going to be different? How are you going to stand out? How are you going to convert people? What topics are you going to cover that solve the pinpoints of your customers? If you don’t have a strategy in place and a plan of action, then all you’re going to be doing is producing content that doesn’t really do anything at the end of the day. Even if you think that this is better based off of analytics data, but you don’t have the strategy and how you’re going to attack that, and how you’re going to go forward, then you’re just wasting your time and energy.

So the first step in this strategy is attracting the eyeballs. And what you would want to do is see what’s in your space that’s popular. So there’s a tool called Ubersuggest that I have, and you can use it for free. You can type in a keyword or a phrase and click on when you’re in Ubersuggest you want to go to the content ideas report, it’ll tell you what’s popular based off of social shares, like Facebook and Pinterest.

Search traffic, what ranks well in Google and how much traffic does it get and what keywords is a rank for.

And the third thing is links. What other sites are linking to it because they like the content? So you want to look at the topics and the exact headline that are doing well, and it’ll also show you in the tool, what doesn’t do well. So you want to more so focus on creating content that’s popular on what people like.

Now, you don’t want to just copy that and regurgitate what’s already existing on the web, but you want to do something that’s better than that. Think of skyscrapers. And in the United States we may have the Empire State Building, then you may have someone in Dubai who’s like, ah, we’re going to create the Burj Khalifa, I think was what it’s called. And it’s going to be even taller, it’s going to be double the height. I’m making it up. You’re going to have somebody in China say, we’re going to do triple the height, we’re going to have our buildings go into the clouds.

The point I’m making is, you want your content to stand out and be unique, go above and beyond what people are already doing. because if something’s already popular and have worked well, if you do something that’s double, triple better, you’re much more likely to have your content do really well too.

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