7 Marketing Tactics That Provide Quick Results

Seven marketing tactics that provide quick results. Look, I’ll preach about the power of long-term marketing strategy and SEO. And don’t worry, even though I love SEO, I’m not going to focus on it because I know SEO takes a longer time to get results. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, but sometimes as a business, you just need results right now. So, let’s dive into some strategies that will work.

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Number one, launch a referral program. Did you know that a referred customer’s 18% more loyal than a customer acquired by other means? That trust is so important when it comes to building brand loyalty. Think about your network. If you know some people and you know some people that may know some other people, then you got to tap into your network. A referral program can promote your brand quickly and incentivize people to do so.

Tactic number two, create a content calendar. Want to set yourself up for success moving forward? A content calendar just may be the piece that’s missing. A content calendar can serve as a structural backbone to your entire blogging strategy. You can use it to plan content, collaborate with your team, track due dates, and map out when you’re going to post on certain channels.

Tactic number three, use VistaCreate. Want to make stunningly beautiful social posts insanely fast? VistaCreate is an amazing tool that I’ve been using lately that really helps me craft great looking content in a matter of minutes. And the best part, you barely need any design experience. You can choose colors, objects, and photos and edit everything with the background remover tool and make it all look cohesive. You can animate everything and include all the necessary information that you need within your images.

Tactic four, give away a tool for free. Look, realistically, you may never be looking to keep up with all the content that’s being created in your industry, and it’s hard to do so. You can’t blog 10 times a day, you can’t read 10 blog posts a day, you can’t be on social media all the time, so it’s hard to keep up with content, whether it’s from the creation side or consumption side. But you know what people love? Tools.

My Ubersuggest tool has over 20,000 natural backlinks. It generates literally over 2 million visitors a month. How, you may ask? Well, it’s because I give away the tool mainly for free. At one point it was purely for free, and if you don’t have the time and energy to create a tool for free like Ubersuggest and spend that much time and attention into it, you can go to sites like CodeCanyon and just go buy a tool within your industry for 10 to $50, and they allow you to white label it and put it on your website and act like it’s your own.

Tactic five, batch your posts on social media. Building off that content calendar tip, this is one of the best ways to save yourself a ton of time and make sure that your social posts hit during the right moment where everyone is online.

Tactic six, host a contest. Want explosive growth really fast? Well, running a contest might just be the right thing for you. Look, a lot of companies dismiss contests. You can do things like offering an iPad for free or a computer. It’s literally endless. Survey your audience, figure out what you think they’ll like, and leverage that in your contest. And you can use tools like ViralSweep to help run your contest. It’s super effective. That way you don’t have to hire a developer.

Tactic seven, write about new, exciting topics. Chances are your competition is fighting all over the same keywords and topics as you are, so why not beat them to the punch on the next one? Tools like Exploding Topics can help you catch the topic at a early moment, right before it gets too big and oversaturated, and you can capitalize that with your audience.

Now, those are strategies to get you traffic quicker and not just rely on SEO. If you want my team to help you implement some of them or other strategies that we use, check out my ad agency, NP Digital.

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