7 SEO Secrets Every Successful Online Business Employs

There is a formula that works for SEO and almost every business. Today I’m going to break down seven SEO secrets, every successful online business employs.

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The first strategy is topic clusters. I want you to stop thinking about keywords, as standalone and start thinking of topics that you want to own. The more in depth you go, the more thorough you go around a topic, even if some of those keywords don’t get much traffic it’s okay. You’re all about covering that topic in every single way, try to poke holes in your articles, try to poke holes in your content, make sure that you’re covering it from every way from Sunday so then that way you’re more likely to rank higher.

Number two, internal linking. It’s silly, but most people don’t focus on it. Every time that you publish new content, you should figure out all right, is this new content related to any of my older pieces of content and can I go back into at least three old articles and link to this new one that I just published? By doing that what you’ll find is your new article will instantly get more juice and will have a better shot of ranking on Google because you’re internal linking to it versus keeping this article as this, you know, separate island that no one can easily visit.

Third, outsmart your competition. I want you to identify pages that rank really well for your competition, but they have very few backlinks. And then you’re going to be creating better content around those pages and topics.

The way you do this is you go to Ubersuggest and you type in your competitor URL, and the left-hand navigation go to top pages. It’ll show you all their most popular pages. Look at their backlinks. See which pages get the most traffic that’s relevant to your business, have keyword rankings that are relevant to your business because Ubersuggest will show you the keyword that each page ranks for and as long as they’re relevant, look for the ones that also have very little backlinks and then go create pages that are better.

Fourth, create advanced guides. Be very thorough in your content. Just think about Wikipedia. Have you noticed that they pretty much rank for everything? Well, the reason they ranked for pretty much everything is their content’s thorough and it’s not just thorough, it continuous thorough.

Fifth, use Google Search Console to avoid content cannibalization. If you have the same articles, ranking for similar keywords and getting impressions for it, it’s pretty much duplicate in Google’s eyes. So combine the articles and the URLs, make sure you use the 301 redirect so that way you’re transferring equity and when you combine those posts into the more popular version of the URL, which Google Search Console and Google Analytics will tell you, it’ll then tell you, hey, you know, here’s one for all the juice to this one, rank this one higher and make sure you also go adjust the internal links.

Six, boost brand queries. Look in radio ads, people tell you to search for the brand, they tell you to find them on Google, they do the same in podcast and interviews and you can do that for around the web anytime you’re doing interviews or speeches, or if you’re doing ad campaigns or in your Instagram profile, give instructions for people to go Google your brand. The more people Googling for your brand and researching your company, the more brand queries you get. More brand queries you get, the more you’re going to rank higher in the long run.

And last but not least number seven, I want you to rank for keywords that are the easiest and the lowest hanging fruit. So how do you do this? In Ubersuggest, type in any keyword that’s related to your industry.

Then in the left-hand navigation, I want you to you to click on keyword ideas. This will show you a report of all the ideas related to that keyword, suggestions, related keywords question, and as long as you’re logged in, you’ll see this button option that’ll show you, hey, show me the keywords that I can rank for.

You click on it, you put in your URL and then it’ll show you all the keywords based on your authority, your backlink profile, all your SEO factors that you have opportunities to rank for right now. Just make sure you go through that list of keywords. Even those filtered down by keywords that you have a shot of ranking for, it doesn’t mean they’ll all be a hundred percent fit as long as the tents there and the products and services that you offer match up with those keywords, you’ll be fine.

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