7 Steps On How To Create An Online Course + With ChatGPT & AI for Help

7 Steps On How To Create An Online Course + With ChatGPT & AI for Help

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In the video, I guide viewers through the step-by-step process of creating an online course from scratch. My expertise comes from serving over 50,000 customers with various online courses, mainly focusing on affiliate marketing. I also emphasize the importance of identifying a target audience, understanding their pain points, and defining a core outcome. I’ll be breaking down the course creation into phases, which serve as modules, and emphasizes creating worksheets to accompany video content.

For course creation, I recommend using tools like ChatGPT for content generation, video recording software, quality microphones such as the Shure microphone or the Yeti microphone, and graphic design tools like Canva. I also highlights the option to use AI for tasks like logo creation and generating course name ideas.

In terms of marketing and selling the course, I mention in this video different strategies such as challenges, webinars, booking calls, and video sales letters (VSLs), each catering to specific price points. It’s important to drive traffic to the course using platforms like Instagram and YouTube and shares insights into how to calculate your course’s potential success based on lead generation and conversion rates.

00:00 7 Steps On How To Create An Online Course + With ChatGPT & AI for Help
00:56 How To Start Creating An Online Course From Scratch
05:19 How To Create A Course Outline or Customer Success Map
10:34 How To Use ChatGPT to Create A Course Outline
12:33 Tools You Can Use To Start Creating Course Videos
16:59 How To Create Online Course Assets with Software and AI
23:06 Best Platforms for Creating An Online Course
29:17 How To Predict The Success of Your Online Course
32:30 How To Sell An Online Course
36:43 How To Get Traffic To Your Online Course

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7 Steps On How To Create An Online Course + With ChatGPT & AI for Help

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