8 Things That Are RUINING Your eCommerce Sales

Hey what are the things that you need to do to make things work? And what are the things that are going to hurt your e-commerce store? Today, I’m going to go over a few things that I’ve tried and tested and hacked, that you can use to start improving your conversions and recover thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

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Mistake number one, not optimizing for mobile. According to Otterbox, during the first month of 2021, 79% of smartphone users purchase something online at least once. And beyond that, 80% of shoppers use a mobile phone inside a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices, or find alternative store locations.

Mistake number two, low-quality product photos. Only 0.52% of consumers want to see a single product photo. While 33.16% prefer to have opportunity to browse through multiple photos according to Shopify’s studies on consumer preferences.

Mistake number three, not using social proof to your advantage. The majority of people read online reviews and a whopping 93% of consumers say that reviews influence their purchasing decision. So make sure that you’re encouraging people to leave reviews as well, whether they’re good or bad.

Mistake number four, not staying in touch with customers and leads. You’re not staying in touch. You won’t make as much money. We all know that email marketing is the key for e-commerce success. You need to stay in touch with them. But SMS marketing seems to be lacking in most businesses. SMS comes with impressive 98% open rates and is one of the most responsive marketing channels in general.

Mistake number five, failing to improve your average order value. You may think that the secret to e-commerce success is acquiring new customers, and that’s perfectly fine. But focusing on increasing the purchase value that each customer makes on your website can drive amazing results. To understand the value of this, you need to look at the cost for your marketing efforts for each new customer.

Mistake number six, bad product descriptions. Your product description should explain to your audience why they need your product. You need to sell it. If you aren’t selling in your description, you’re making a mistake. You should also include information on how your product can benefit them. So it’s not just about describing features, but also making sure that users understand the transformational impact that your product will have on their lives.

Mistake number seven, poor on-site search experience. Have you ever tried to find a product on a website and you see a list of completely irrelevant results? Well, it’s pretty frustrating, isn’t it? On-site search should serve results according to the users’ on-site behavior in a way that gives them the most relevant results possible. Using auto complete also to help get the product that they want faster, so they don’t have to type everything in as well. And most good e-commerce platforms have this built-in.

Mistake number eight, complex checkout experience. Look, if you put a lot of obstacles in front of your shoppers in order for them to complete their purchases, your conversions are going to tank. I recommend that you also add PayPal as a checkout option. With Shopify, you know there’s a ShopPay that also helps boost conversions. But everything that we’ve tested with e-commerce, when people don’t use PayPal, their conversions aren’t as good.

So many e-commerce users use PayPal as a checkout option. And what we’ve seen is when you include it as a payment option, you usually get somewhere around a 18% increase in revenue. You should test it out for yourself, but it’s a massive win.

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