Amazon SEO – Tutorial For Beginners

Amazon SEO, here’s a tutorial for beginners. Have you ever heard of the advertising triathlete? It’s people talking about Google ads, Facebook ads, and Amazon ads. Amazon is the powerhouse that most marketers take for granted, especially when it comes down to SEO. So, let’s go over how you can optimize your Amazon listings so they can rank higher in Amazon search. But before we begin, you need to understand the two main components of Amazon SEO.


The first component is keywords. Are you targeting the right keywords, the ones people are typing in? And when they type those keywords in, would they expect to see your product? If not, those are the wrong keywords.

The second thing that you need to understand is sales velocity. The more you sell, and if you’re selling at a higher percentage than your competition and at a faster rate, you will rank higher. After all, Amazon gets a cut from every sale you make. So why wouldn’t they want to rank the listings higher that outperform the competition, because it makes them more money. So let’s go over your listing in detail and the changes you need to make to rank higher when it comes down to SEO.

So, tip number one, optimizing your title. Typically, you’ll have to include a few things in your title for them to perform well. They are brand, model type and number, product type, size and quantity, power output requirements, color, and design. Now, these may not be all applicable to your title, but a lot of those elements may be.

Now, I can keep going over all these types, but Amazon provides them to you, so I’m not going to bore you with all of them. But as you can see, the more specific you get, the better off you’ll do and use Amazon’s examples to help you out, because they’re telling you what performs the best because they want your listing to perform the best so they make more money.

See, Amazon SEO’s very different than Google SEO. People click on a Google result that’s SEO-driven, it’s not like Google makes more money unless you have AdSense on your website. They do what’s best for users. With Amazon SEO, just like their paid ads, if people click on them and they buy, they make more money, so they want to help you rank higher because it helps them make more money.

Tip number two, optimize your description. You don’t want to rewrite your product description, right? If you just do that, it’s not going to do well. A well-crafted product description, though, is one that does not just merely mimic what was written in the product title, but it expands upon it in detail and makes the benefits the focal point of the text.

Customers on Amazon typically hate reading large chunks of text. So make sure you have a product description that’s concise as possible. No one wants to read two, three sentences or five sentences when it could’ve just been done in one.

Tip number three, bullets, no one wants to read a lot of text when it comes to bullets. Bullets are a simple way to get your main message across. And here’s some tips when crafting bullets. First, outline. It’s your job as a entrepreneur or a marketer to make sure bullet points are written differently from your title and description. Focus on your best product attributes within your bullets. Focus on one benefit per bullet point. That way, they’re easier to read.

Tip four, take amazing high-quality photos. And one photo isn’t enough. The more details your photos have and the higher quality they are, the better off you are. Taking studio-quality photos is preferred over just taking photos with your phone. Make sure you also take multiple photos with different angles, so that way, people can see the product in different viewpoints.

Tip five, use popular keywords. You can use tools like Ubersuggest to come up with popular keywords. Go into Ubersuggest and type in any keyword related to what you’re selling.

I also, on that page, I want you to click on the different tabs, like Related, Questions, and Prepositions. This is where you’ll find a lot more keywords. Many of them are based on what people are interested in. This will give you ideas on what to focus on and what not to focus on.

Tip six, focus on reviews. As I mentioned earlier, sales velocity is a big part of your Amazon rankings. And people buy based on reviews. You don’t want to cheat the system and create fake reviews, but the more good reviews and real reviews you get, the better off you are.

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