An Easy Way to Rank For Competitive Keywords (Without Being a Professional SEO)

Today, I’m going to share with you an easy way to rank for competitive keywords.


So anytime you type in a keyword, especially one that’s competitive, you’ll typically see terms or webpages that rank at the top that say either what is, or how is, here’s an example.

I typed in the keyword Voice over IP. And Voice over IP occurring at Ubersuggest is getting searched roughly 40,000 times a month in the United States, cost per click is roughly $34. Good keyword, right?

But, when you look at who’s ranking, look at this, V-O-I-P, VoIP, right?

First one, what is Voice over IP or what is VoIP? Second one,, Voice over Internet Protocol. Next one, Wikipedia, Voice over IP, Nextiva, what is VoIP? AT&T business, what is VoIP?, “PC Magazine”, best VoIP providers, top VoIP providers, what is VoIP? If you notice, there’s a lot of VoIP related terms.

Now I can type in a term like SEO as well. And you’ll notice something similar. Beginner’s guide to SEO for Moz. Number two from Moz is what is SEO? Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide search engine land, what does SEO mean? Search and optimization made simple, but my URL also has what is SEO if you notice here. Wikipedia Search Engine Optimization, WordStream beginner’s guides search and watch basics.

Let’s go to page two. Let’s see, comprehensive guide, learn Ahrefs. What is, Alexa, what is SEO MailChimp, what is SEO? As you can see, there’s a lot of what is type of articles for a lot of the competitive head terms out there.

So if you want to rank for them, you should consider creating what is, or how to related articles. Example of this is, how auto insurance work, or how insurance works, anything like that. So let’s type in something like insurance. I haven’t seen what’s at the top. Well, let’s see. Farmer’s insurance quotes, Progressive, Insurance Wikipedia, insurance, types of insurance offered.

Okay, so it doesn’t work for every single thing out there, but it works for a lot of the terms out there. And what’s happening is Google likes ranking informational sites because people are typing in informational related key words. And they’re very popular, and you can see it right here, right? 40,000 searches.

Now, what I want to show you is, when you rate these what is type of articles, you’re probably wondering how do I get people to convert?

Here’s a prime example. This is Nextiva. Nextiva provides Voice over IP services. Funny enough at my company, we use them. So, what is Voice over IP and how does it work, right? So they have this article, it breaks it all down. It’s super detailed and thorough. Look at like the graphics. Cable modem to router to switch to computers. This is and example of a good article, trusted VoIP providers. Look at this map. Now it looks great.

How does voice work? They even have a video in there which is great. They created a custom video, pros and cons, love it as well. And even they have the texts as well, right? So pros and cons. They have this Voice over IP versus landline, what’s best. But then they also have the benefits and the downsides all listed out in bullet points as well. Is it easy? How much does it cost? You know, nice graphics.

So the point I’m trying to make is, one, this is a great example of article to copy if you’re trying to rank for any head term that’s super competitive. You can create that what is type of article.

Two, if you want to convert, you need to have the call to action. So they have a call to action in the header that floats, they have images within the article that you can click through, right? Try the number one Voice over IP phone system today. I can click on it, and it takes me to another landing page, where I can try it. And on top of that, you can also link to products within your article, or lead pages, or pages where you’re selling stuff, like they’re doing here.

And then, boom, it’ll be a landing page that I can go and sign up on. So, that’s what I want you to take from this.

If you want to rank for competitive terms, consider writing what is, or how something works. And you can see for a lot of the competitive terms out there I challenge you to search from, you’ll notice that a lot of what is, or how something works is ranked at the top. That’s it.

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