Can Clickbank Pay Via PayPal | How Does Clickbank Pay | Different Payment Options

An important questions about clickbank payment, Can clickbank pay via paypal? now before I answer this question, let me explain the different type of payment options clickbank has, the default payment method is paycheck, most people don’t prefare this because they will have to go to the bank to clear the check within the time frame.

The second clickbank payment method is electronic transfer to the bank, this is the best payment method and recommended for most, it’s hassle free and no headache.

Clickbank recently introduce a new payment method called payoneer, this will not apply to the tier 1 English speaking countries.

There are some countries where perhaps clickbank can’t make a electronic transfer so they have come up with an alternate solution called payoneer, this is going to be very helpful for tier 3 and African countries.

Now let’s comes to the main question, can clickbank pay via PayPal? the answer is NO, here’s why

When you join clickbank and start making affiliate commissions, you are going to have weeks where you are making thousands, if paypal was a payment option, clickbank would have to transfer the money into paypal which would put your clickbank and paypal account in risk.

Because paypal some how can’t believe that someone could really earn thousands per week with affiliate marketing. so in this case, paypal will either limit the customers account or suspend

And because clickbank do use Paypal as a payment option for customer to purchase their product, there’s a risk that clickbank will have to cancel that or PayPal will not allow CB to further use PP as a payment processor which in return will downgrade the sales for clickbank.

Thousands of transactions are taking place on a daily basis with clickbank using the paypal payment method, in fact thousands of people feel comfortable paying through paypal, if paypal get’s out of the option, clickbank is potentially loosing millions of dollars in business which puts clickbank in a very big risk as there’s a huge on going cost to run the clickbank platform.

So that’s the reason why clickbank can’t and will not use paypal to pay their customers.

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