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Today is another day of CRO Unlocked. How do you use recordings? We talked about Crazy Egg last week. Crazy Egg is a tool that can help you see how your visitors engage with your website and figure out how you can modify them so you can easily improve your conversions.

Now, one of the features in Crazy Egg is user recordings in which you can see the mouse movements and video recordings of how people are interacting with your website, where they’re getting stuck, what issues they may have so that way you can fix it and improve your conversion rate. So how do you use video recording?

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When you’re going through the process you pick your site. If you have multiple domains, you can set up on multiple sites and when the recording is enabled, Pay Tracking lets you pick which pages, which views that you want to see when people have like rapid clicks because they feel like something is wrong.

And when you’re doing this video recording, you don’t have to record every session, you can just do 500 sessions straight or every other or random sampling, there’s a lot of options.

Because if you have a survey and three people gave you data on their conversion rate and things like that, technically you wouldn’t survey them about your conversion rate but you would survey them about let’s say pricing for example or you’re surveying on let’s say what products that you may end up releasing in the future, what features they may end up wanting to see.

Fill a two people to respond, it’s not really enough to make informed decision. And then there’s also qualitative data as well which we’ll go over in the course.

And you’ll find that a lot of it has to do with conversion funnels such as how people are going throughout your website and the best funnels oftentimes are a bit more complex than this and they look something more like this and don’t stress out about it.

I also want you to use landing pages because you can create specific pages on your site to create a specific experience for a specific type of user and then maximize your leads or even sales, some landing page tips for you.

I’ve also found that adding videos works really well so instead of having that really long scrolling page, you can get a lot of that messaging out in a video which is easier to comprehend on a smartphone or an iPhone than it would be to scroll through and read 12 pages of texts on an iPhone.

And it allow you to change things like your call to action buttons, it’ll allow you to change the colors, your messaging, your headlines and a lot of different things so that way you can optimize your conversion rate.

And when you’re going through this process, you’re probably wondering, hmm, what can I change to generate more sales? Well, the first thing is removing the friction during the sales funnel. At every stage, the visitor being forced to make choices between a large number options.

One strategy that very few people talked about when it comes to CRO is making your customers love you. Amazon gets more conversions because a lot of people love their experience and love using them.

So a few things I want you to start testing is your headlines, your call to action, any graphic that you’re using within your sales process. And of course your copy such as your product descriptions, your service descriptions, anything that is text-based that you really think can affect if people are going to buy or not from you.

And if you use them, you’ll do well and here are some of those best practices. You want to show testimonials, customer reviews, social proof, customer views are super important, not just basic one sentence ones but the more detailed even if they take images even better, you want to showcase your credibility, your new constant communication.

Users tend to leave if your site just loads too slowly, you can go to, put in your URL and go to the site audit report and you can see your site speed and how you can improve there. I also recommend checking out loyalty perks.

As for a checklist, keep your changes small and manageable. If you try to do too big, too crazy changes when you’re first starting off, it’s going to feel overwhelming and you’re going to find that very little is going to get done. It’s going to be hard to run tests and it’s just going to take you forever.

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