Create a Stan Store Using Funnel Freedom (How to Start Selling Digital Products Online)

Create a Stan Store Using Funnel Freedom (How to Start Selling Digital Products Online)

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In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the process of setting up a “stand store” using Funnel Freedom to sell digital products online. A stand store is essentially a platform where you can offer and sell digital products, like online courses or mentoring programs. Instead of using separate tools like a stand store and other funnel builders, I’ll show you how to consolidate everything within Funnel Freedom.

First, you’ll need to create Stripe and PayPal accounts to collect payments from your customers. Once that’s done, you can integrate them into your Funnel Freedom account under the “Payments” section.

Next, you’ll create an offer for your digital product. This involves going to the “Courses” section and then selecting “Products” to set up your offer. You can customize the product details, including pricing, and make it ready for sale.

Now comes the exciting part – building your stand store inside Funnel Freedom. To do this, navigate to “Sites” and click on “Websites.” You can choose a template that suits your needs and customize it as you like, changing images, text, and colors.

For the product purchase process, we’ll create a popup. This is where customers will buy your digital product directly from the stand store. You can add an order form element to the popup, customize it, and set up a redirect to a thank-you page after purchase.

To ensure everything works smoothly, you’ll need to create workflow automations within Funnel Freedom. The first automation triggers when someone submits an order form, granting them access to the purchased product. The second automation sends a welcome email with login information. Customize the email subject and content to your liking.

With these steps, you’ll have a fully functional stand store using Funnel Freedom to sell your digital products online.

00:00 Create a Stan Store Using Funnel Freedom
01:08 How To Collect Payments on Funnel Freedom
02:15 How To Promote Digital Products on Funnel Freedom
03:54 How To Create A Stan Store with Funnel Freedom
09:05 How To Add Products To Your Stan Store on Funnel Freedom
10:50 Creating Automations in Funnel Freedom
14:00 How To Publish Your Stan Store with Funnel Freedom
17:54 How To Get Access To Funnel Freedom and Make Money Online

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Create a Stan Store Using Funnel Freedom (How to Start Selling Digital Products Online)

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