CRO Best Practices – Part 1

Today is another day of CRO unlocked. Today we’re going to be going over CRO best practices. The key to CRO is iteration. You’re not going to do a test and find out that you doubled your conversions. That’s very, very rare. It happens, but once in a blue moon. Typically it’s a lot a little things that add up that truly help you optimize your conversion rate. The big secret is, one test at a time per step within your funnel.

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So for example, if you have a pricing page, you don’t want to run two to three tests at a time on that exact pricing page. But you can run a test at a time, one on your pricing page, maybe one on your contact page, maybe one on your homepage, and that’s fine, assuming you have enough traffic.

So that way you can get to statistical significance quick enough. And you ideally want to start with very simple tweaks. And then from there, get into more drastic changes if you can’t continually get more wins, right? So once you stop getting wins from the simple stuff, that’s when you want to go into drastic changes. The key pages to optimize. Well, there’s quite a few, and I’m going to cover some of them in a bit.

But when you think about the key pages to optimize, I’m not just talking about SEO. And your sales process is not as simple as just getting traffic and then it drives revenue. It more so looks like this where there’s a lot of different points from emails to ads to upsells, and the list goes on and on. But funnels and sales process are complicated no matter what, if you’re in B2B or B2C.

So, if I were you, there’s a lot of pages that you could optimize, anywhere from your about page, to your key product details pages to your exit pages, your main landing pages, your conversion asset pages. There’s a lot of pages.

And as you can see, I’m not just doing step one, two, three, four, five. There’s not necessarily an order on which page is more important than the other because every website is different. If you get 10 times more traffic to your checkout page than you do to your contact page, you probably want to start with your checkout page when it comes to optimization before your contact page.

When you’re thinking about conversion optimization, keep in mind, people who are buying from you are human beings. Figure out what appeals to them.

Now I want to get into a pricing example because pricing can really impact your revenue, even the simplest and littlest tweaks. So when you’re thinking about your pricing, think about what is more appealing to people. And $9 is more appealing to $10.

There’s also a lot of conversion points within your sales process. And I showed a little bit about that above in the previous few slides when I broke down that sales process and how there’s emails and different trigger points. But a few of them to start off with are your ads, your landing pages, your offers, your emails, your upsells, easy things that you can love when it comes to conversions.

When you think about people, they have different sides to their brain. Are they logical, more emotional, and you want to try to appeal to both sides, not just to one. So then that way you can maximize your conversions.

And another thing that I love doing is leveraging exit intents because people are leaving your website. It’s a question of where are they leaving and how can you maximize your sales from that?

And when you’re running split tests with things like your exit and tamp, you’ll find that some variations have more conversions than others or less, but it’s all about testing.

So how do you make your marketing work better for you? Well, first off, you don’t need things to be that good. Your conversion rate doesn’t need to be that amazing.

Think about the Terra example I did in the previous lesson, where it’s just a lot of little tweaks over time, and that’s how you win, that’s how you build a big business. You’ll never be as good as you want. You’ll never be perfect, and that’s okay. And you should have the mindset that you can improve and be better, that’s how you win. And just keep trying to raise the bar over and over.

It’s all about progressive optimization. Just one optimizable step in your sales process can have a huge impact in your revenue. And that’s what we’re going to help you with throughout this course.

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