Digital Marketing Strategies That Just Work

Digital marketing strategies that just work. There are a lot of digital marketing strategies out there. How do you know which ones to use? Which ones to start out with, especially if you’re starting off? Today I’m going to break down five strategies that just work when you’re starting off.

Hello Bar:

Strategy number one, the money is in the list. You have to collect emails if you’re doing marketing. When someone visits your website, there’s a slim chance that they’re going to buy from you because they don’t know you. Think of asking someone to give you their email address as if you’re asking someone on a date. Once you get them to commit, it’s much easier to progress them. Using tools like Hello Bar, you can collect emails on your website. You can collect emails by offering people a newsletter, coupons, eBooks or anything else you dream up. Once you have someone on your list, you can pitch them over time on your products and services. And in between your pitches, give advice, help them out, create educating content. A portion of those people will convert into customers.

Strategy number two, landing pages. If someone visits your website and they see hundreds of options, it makes it harder for them to decide what to buy or sign up for. Now, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have or can’t even have hundreds or thousands of products. More so, you just need a dedicated page to each product. This is called a landing page. That way, when someone lands on that page, it pitches them to sign up for that service or buy that product, not 10 other things. This is important because it improves your conversion rate. You can use tools like Unbounce to create landing pages.

Strategy number three, upsells. When you go to McDonald’s and you order fries, a lot of times they’ll ask you if you want a larger size. And it doesn’t cost more, so they’re like, “Hey, this is a good deal. Do you want this for 10 cents more?” Or if you order a burger, they may ask you, “Hey, do you want a meal instead with drink and a fries?” This is one of the key strategies to McDonald’s success. Why? Because it is easier to generate more money from your existing customers than it is to generate new sales.

Strategy four, podcasting. So if you create a podcast and you can do so just by recording your voice on a phone, and you just push it out, it’ll naturally gain traction because you’re not really competing with anyone. You can also use services like Libsyn to push and publish your podcast. My podcast “Marketing School” gets a lot of downloads a month and it’s great branding and revenue drive.

Strategy five, paid ads. Whether you love or hate Google or Facebook, they’re still popular. And they make billions of dollars from ad revenue. Why? Because their ads work and they drive money. By now, you should have created a landing page and you should have added upsells and downsells.

So why not throw some paid traffic at that landing page? You don’t have to spend a lot, $50 to $100 per channel. It’ll get you some traction. Just try all the main platform from Googlbook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, even Snapchat. I know the list goes on and on, but try them out. Then take the channels that are performing somewhat well and double down on those. You should be able to generate profit from your paid ads like most companies.

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