Digital Marketing Tips for 2023

We’re 4 months into 2023, are you thriving? It’s not too late to get a jumpstart on the year!

Here are my favorite marketing tips for 2023.


SEO Analyzer:

When I look at the marketing industry as a whole, I think AI is the biggest shift. We surveyed over 8,000 companies, and, we found that almost all of ’em are investing in AI this year, heavily. Podcasting is a big place where companies are investing, as well. They’re investing more in performance, less in traditional. But, yeah, with a lot of uncertain Econo- or with a lot of economic uncertainty, you know, people are definitely looking for ROI for their marketing, and, they’re looking to automate as much as possible, use AI to cut costs, and, get better results and, get stuff done faster.

Make sure the content you create is amazing, super-thoughtful, thorough. You can Google for those terms and see what other people, who rank on page one, have have done, when it comes to their content. Make sure yours is way better than theirs. Then, three, is, you need to put all your content. So, you remember how you already, just, did a Google search to see who’s ranked on page one, and what their content is? And Uber says there’s a backlinks opportunity report. You can put, like, two, three of your competitor URLs that are ranking, and, they’ll show you all the people that link to them, but, don’t link to you. ‘Cause, if someone’s linked to, not just one, but two, or three of your competitors, there’s a good shot. they’re willing to link to you two.

Even when you’re not starting something up, You’re in something, you know, you hit a wall with the eConomy, or growth, or someone’s screwing up, and you can’t figure out how to solve it. You know, the first thing to just keep in mind is, when things are going tough, keep in mind, there’s people out there who have it tougher than you. And, when things are going really well, keep in mind, there’s people who have it much better than you. So, that should keep you level-headed, and, hopefully keep your mind clear. The second thing that you need to keep in mind is, there’s other people, who, probably, have faced the same challenge that you did. Start doing some research, YouTube, Google, social media, look for other people, who talk about that problem, and how they overcome it. Learn from other people’s mistakes, experiences, and, that should, also, help you get a little bit further. The third thing that you want to do is just experiment. Talk to people, brainstorm, whether it’s mentors, or just friends, or coworkers. Brainstorm, and try to find other solutions and experiment and run some tests, and figure out, “All right, did this help solve the problem? Did it not, did it produce the results I’m looking for?” With the combo of those three things, that really helps you, people, overcome issues and challenges.

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