Free Resources to Learn Instagram Marketing

Free resources to learn Instagram marketing. According to stats, there are over 1 billion users on Instagram. Wouldn’t you love to learn how to market to them? Well, today, I’m going to break down seven free resources to teach you marketing on Instagram.

Class Central’s:
The Meta blueprint:

Resource number one: Instagram unlocked. You can find it on the website, and this training is a six-part video course that teaches you all aspects of Instagram. From how to get more followers to how to analyze your stats, to even how to run ads, and even sell on Instagram. What’s cool about this course is: There are cheat sheets, homework assignments, planners, calendars, and other worksheets to make your life easier. So even if you’re new to Instagram, if you follow the worksheets, it’ll help you out drastically.

Resource number two: Instagram marketing by HubSpot. The course has 21 videos, six lessons, and six quizzes. It’s a whopping two hours and 30 minutes long. You have to sign up to view the course, but it’s free to sign up. One of the lessons I love in this course is how to create a remarkable Instagram ad content. They also have a lesson on creating remarkable content, just in general, in case you don’t want to run Instagram ads.

Resource number three: Instagram marketing basics by Simplilearn. If you’re just starting with Instagram and you haven’t figured out the basics yet or the correct way to even set up your profile, this course is great for you. It doesn’t go over too many advanced elements, such as monetization and how to use it as a business tool, but it’s a great resource for getting started. This course is roughly two hours long, all video-based, and upon completion, you get a completion certificate in case you want to use it to help you get a job.

Resource four: Instagram training by Later. If you aren’t familiar with Later, it’s a social media marketing tool. They have a whole section on Instagram training. What’s cool about their training is: it’s short and to the point. It’s not really laid out like a course format, but you can quickly find where you need help, read an article about it, or watch a video about it on Later, and boom, you’re off into the races. It’s great if you’re self-sufficient.

Resource five: Increase Instagram engagement on your business profile by Coursera. The reason I wanted to highlight this course is because business profiles tend not to get as much engagement. This course is designed to fix that. It breaks down step by step, how you can create the popular business profile. This is important because business profiles are easier to monetize. And if you don’t have an ad budget, you of course, still want traction. This course will help you with all of that.

Resource six: Class Central’s Instagram repository. If you have a lot of time, this is worth checking out. They literally have many courses on Instagram, it’s too many to count, and they have them in different languages, from Arabic to French to German, and the list goes on and on. It’s going to be more time-consuming than most of the other courses and resources I mentioned today, but if you want to get into the nitty gritty about every aspect of Instagram and you don’t mind putting in the time, it’s worth checking out .

Last but not least, resource seven: The Meta blueprint. The more you are on Instagram, the more Facebook makes. They have a whole section on their website on how to sell online using Meta platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, they cover all the ad technologies extremely well. It’s worth checking this resource out if you’re considering running paid ads. Funny enough, I would check out this resource before starting to run any ads anyways. It’s always great to get the platform’s point of view.

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