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Hello Guys in this video I am explaining Fundamentals of Google ads Course. By watching this videos You can easily clear Google ads certification. All PPC Google AdWords videos are free and find it on my playlist. From beginners Basic to Advanced Google ads course I am creating. I will be covering Google search network, display network, Video, Mobile app and shopping network . I suggest you to spend some money on live campaigns to become expert in Google ads.

Topic I have covered in this video are
1.What is Google Ad
2. SEO vs SEM
3. What is PPC
4. PPC vs CPC
5. SERP layout
6. How Bidding/Auction Works in Google
7. Open bidding vs Closed Bidding
8. Advantages of Google Ads
9. Disadvantages of Google ads
10. What is Daily Budget
11. What is Ad rank and ad rank depends on what
12. What is Impression, Click, CTR

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