Google Ads Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step | How Google ads Works | Network Types | Bidding

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Hello Guys, in this video I am explaining
What is Google Ads
How Google Ads Works
SERP Layout
Google Ads Network Types
Google Ads vs Google Ads Express and
Google Ads Account Structure

How the Google Ads auction works :

There are 3 main factors in the ad auction that determine which ads appear, and in what order:

Your bid – When you set your bid, you’re telling Google Ads the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad. How much you actually end up paying is often less, and you can change your bid at any time.

The quality of your ads – Google Ads also looks at how relevant and useful your ad and the website it links to are to the person who’ll see it. Our assessment of the quality of your ad is summarized in your Quality Score, which you can monitor—and work to improve—in your Google Ads account.

The expected impact from your ad extensions and other ad formats – When you create your ad, you have the option to add additional information to your ad, such as a phone number, or more links to specific pages on your site. These are called ad extensions. Google Ads estimates how extensions and other ad formats you use will impact your ad’s performance. So even if your competition has higher bids than yours, you can still win a higher position at a lower price by using highly relevant keywords, ads, and extensions.

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Google Ads Network Types or Campaign Types :
Advertising with Google Ads starts with creating a campaign. The type of campaign you choose to create should be based on your advertising goals. For example, if you’d like to show ads on to get more visitors to your website, you should choose a Search campaign

How different campaign types work
As you get started with your campaign setup, you’ll be asked to select campaign goals and pick a campaign type.

You can select a goal for your campaign based on the actions you’d like your customers to take. You can also select a campaign type, such as Search Network, Display Network, Shopping, or Video. You’ll then see recommendations for features and settings that can help you meet your campaign’s main advertising objective. Keep in mind that all campaign settings and features will be available to you despite what goal you choose, and you can always make a change to your goal, or choose not to use a goal.

Goals include:

Website traffic
Product & brand consideration
Brand Awareness & reach
App promotion
The campaign type determines where customers will be able to see your ads, but you make this more specific by targeting your ads. Learn more about targeting your ads.

Campaign types include:

Search campaign
Display campaign
Shopping campaign
Video campaign
App Campaign

Search Campaign : Search campaigns allow you to place ads across Google’s vast network of search results. You can show ads to people actively searching online for your products and services
Reach goals: Search campaigns can help you get more sales, leads, or website traffic.
Highly relevant targeting: Target people actively searching for your specific products and services.
Easy setup: Ads are easy to create and don’t require special assets.

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