Google Analytics 4 Property | GA4 | How to Set up New Google Analytics 4 Property for Websites 2020

Hello Guys in this video I am explaining How to use new Google analytics 4 property and how to set up new google analytics for your website.Learn how to get started with the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties. In this video, you will learn about the differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics properties, how to upgrade your existing property, and more.

In this video I am explaining

1.How to set up Google analytics for New website with the help of GA4 property method
2.How to use Both Universal Analytics and GA4 for a website and set up
3. How to use Google Analytics 4 property for My older website without disturbing the present universal analytics and set up

You don’t have to delete the older version and try the new.Continue with the older version and as mentioned in the video create new Google analytics 4 property without disturbing the older property . Work on GA4, and try to understand. Whenever you are confident, and familiar with all the options use new Google Analytics 4 property.

in 2019 Google have started new option called App + Web option. Most of us have not used it. Now Google is making it as mandate for new properties.
Google Analytics App + Web has left beta and received this new, polished title. This is the next generation of Google Analytics!
This latest version represents a major technology leap that will change how organizations use machine learning, privacy-first data collection, and audience strategies.

The new Analytics adds AI-powered insights, tracks users across devices and provides more granular data controls.

The latest iteration of Google’s web analytics platform, dubbed Google Analytics 4, is now available. The new property type includes expanded predictive insights, deeper integration with Google Ads, cross-device measurement capabilities and more granular data controls.

While machine learning-powered insights in Analytics have been available for some time, the new insights and predictions making their way to Google Analytics 4 can automatically alert marketers to data trends such as surging demand for a product they sell.

Google Ads : Deeper audiences integration with Google Ads. Marketers can build and maintain audiences from their visitors across the web and their app. If a user qualified for an audience list due to an action taken on the web and were taken off a list because they completed a purchase within the app, for example, the list would then be automatically updated to remove the user so that they’re not retargeted with ads.

The new Google Analytics 4 property provides a more complete cross-channel view of the customer lifecycle and puts that information to use with predictive marketing features, providing marketers with more information and efficient ways to act on those insights.

Google Analytics 4 will be the default option when you set up a new property. The previous iteration, Universal Analytics, will continue to remain available, but Google recommends site owners set up both property types and run them in parallel. New feature development will be focused on GA4.

Codeless Event tracking. Expanded codeless features make it easier for marketers to track and measure on-site and in-app actions that matter — in real-time — such as a page scroll or video play, without having to add code or set up event tracking in Google Tag Manager. Within Universal Analytics, event tracking requires additional processing which includes latency, and the data is typically not available until the following day.

The 4 key features available in the “new” Google Analytics are:

1.Smarter insights that use machine learning to identify trends.
2.Deeper integration with Google Ads.
3.Customer-centric data measurement.
4.More granular data controls.

So with the above information now you understood what is new google analytics Update ? What is Google analytics 4 property and what is GA4 and how to set up Google analytics 4 property for new websites and Older websites and what are the benefits of New Google analytics 4 .

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