Google Shopping Ads Tutorial – Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

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Time Stamps
0:38 – Google Shopping Ads
17:15 – Run Campaign
25:46- Link website To Add
35:20 – Add Description
43:56 – Recap of Session

Step 1: Creating a Google Ads account

The first thing you have to do is set up your Google Ads account before you can create any sort of Google shopping ads, so head over to, and create your account.

Make sure to switch to expert mode and create an account WITHOUT a campaign at first.

Because we need to first create our Google merchant account before we can create a campaign here.

Once you do that, we’re ready to go to the next step in this Google Shopping Ads tutorial.

Step 2: Setting up a Google merchant account

This is really where most of your work is going to go into – setting up the merchant center account, adding products, descriptions, titles, and so on.

So make sure that you select the “Shopping Ads” option so that we get the option to integrate with Google Ads, and then just go down the list filling in the blanks.

For example adding the tax rates, shipping and handling fees, products, and so on.

Everything is pretty simple and straightforward except for the adding products part, so we can spend a little more time here.

Basically, you have a few options when it comes to adding your products to your Google merchant center.

You can add products individually one-by-one (which is easier if you have just a few products), or you can upload a data feed or use an excel sheet and do everything there at once.

Either way, you do have to add products manually, so it will take some work adding everything to your merchant center.

If you’re lost or confused, the docs linked inside the excel sheet provided by Google makes it easy to see what exactly you need to write for each of the columns, such as the ID numbers and the like, so refer to that doc if you’re not sure what to write.

Once you add the excel sheet, go back to the main merchant center interface and click on “Fetch Sheet” so Google updates the sheet that you just added on file. Give it some time and your products will be successfully added!

Let’s move on to pretty much the last step in this Google Shopping Ads tutorial (in 2021).

Step 3: Creating Google shopping ads

Once you add all your products and fill in all the other required information such as verifying your website and integrating Google Ads + your merchant center, you can create ads inside of Google Ads.

So click on “Create new campaign”, select anything for the objective, and then select “Shopping” for the campaign type.

You should see your shopping account name immediately pop up if you integrated Google Ads with your merchant center, and the rest is simple fill-in-the-blank.

For example you need to enter your campaign name, set the budget, bid, pick your countries of targeting and so on.

You can either display a single product or a catalog of products, so you can maybe create a separate campaign for each of these and see which one performs better.

You do not have the option to add any “keywords” or “ads” with this Google Shopping Ads display format – so you’re leaving it entirely up to Google – and what you wrote down in your product title, description and category – to find the right audience.

Also make sure to fill in the details for the “Free Listing” category in your merchant center so that you get some free traffic as well even when not running ads.

Step 4: Overview of the campaign

The last part of this Google Shopping Ads tutorial in 2021 just involves going over some settings and getting you acquianted with the interface.

Basically you will see all the options on the left-hand side, such as the devices used, search terms used to trigger your ads to show up, products that you have added and so on.

Play around with these and optimize your campaign after you get some data.

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