Growing Your Brand on Facebook – Module 2 – Lesson 3 – Facebook Unlocked

In this lesson, we’re going to be talking about growing your brand on Facebook.

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The majority of commerce is happening offline, but digital brands are just booming, and COVID really helped push people forward into the digital revolution, where people are now going online and using the web for a lot of their purchases. Still majority is happening offline, but online sales are growing at a rapid pace.

So your website, your posts, everything that you’re leveraging your marketing material, needs to be compatible with the mobile web.

So how do you grow your brand using Facebook? Well, I’m going to give you five rules.

One, before you spend any money with Facebook, remember to set your advertising goals and budget.

Two, map your sales process from the unaware prospect to the customer.

Three, test everything, check your ego, double down on what’s working.

Four, nail your audiences at each step of the buying cycle.

Five, relationships take time, and a complete strategy converts more customers.

So don’t expect to get the results of what you’re looking for right away. It’s like asking a random person to just marry you, they’re going to say no, and that’s why you need to get to know people and build that relationship.

In other words, you need to work through so that way you can get more conversions. And there’s a lot of ways you can do this from advertising, right? There’s a lot of advertising options out there when it comes to the Facebook ad platform, and we discuss a lot of them in the previous lesson.

You also want to make sure you’re leveraging the Facebook pixel, This will allow Facebook to know when you have a conversion, when you don’t, and how they can automatically optimize to generate you the most amount of sales.

And each engagement can be used in a way to update your audience, depending on the state that they’re in, what buying cycle that they’re in.

And when you look at the sales process, you want to make sure that you have different engagements and interactions with people so that we move along the whole sales process and throughout your funnel, so that way you can end up getting a conversion.

You also want to monitor events. Events, whether they’re views, clicks, this will give you idea of what’s working from engagement standpoint, where the drop-off is, which will allow you to help you optimize your conversion rate.

Another strategy that we use, which is a longer term strategy but it’s allowed us to scale our ads more, is we take people, we send them to blog posts, we then remarket them, and then we end up sending those people a ad that drives them to a landing page or a sales page which then allows us to convert people.

It’s two ads instead of one, right? Because first we sent him to a blog post, then we remarket them on Facebook and then send them to a landing page where they’re buying.

We’re using a funnel, and part of our funnel also involves the Facebook ad Messenger. Messenger is a place where people can communicate with other people, and you can do blaster, you can do promotions.

The best way to maximize these conversion rates is through a funnel. Don’t expect someone to go from a click to a purchase.

So what I like doing is to first start off by brainstorming a list of broad topics related to my business, and then the second thing is I use tools like Ubersuggest to then go find more detailed keywords, more topics, more categories, which then allows me to tailor down and really narrow down and target the right person.

So some metrics that you need to know.

Results, how many times have the commercials achieved the tended effect of the campaign?

Reach, the number of individuals who have seen your advertisement at least once.

Impressions, the average number amount of occasions the advertisements have been seen.

And, of course, cost per result, how much are you spending based on the conversion?

Some more metrics for you. There’s things like media cost metrics, click metrics, awareness metrics, conversion metrics. The most important one, I don’t want you to get overwhelmed by him, is just optimizing for conversions.

I’m really proud of you to take the time to invest in Facebook. I know it’s not the new kid on the block or the hot social network, but it’s the largest and it drives a lot of revenue.

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