Here’s What Google Classifies as Helpful Content

By now you know about Google’s helpful content update. It’s all about how Google wants you to create content for humans and not search engines which makes sense because no one wants to read content there’s just stuff with keywords and doesn’t make sense. Today, I wanted to break down seven ways to make your content more helpful.


Way number one, only write on what you know. Over the years, I’ve created websites on a lot of different topics, from medical to financial, to even poker, but here’s issue, I’m not an expert in any of those topics. Hence, none of those websites did really amazing. Well, sure, some of them ranked really high on Google for the short run, but they still didn’t do amazingly well. Back then, Google’s algorithm was much easier, but still, people didn’t really care as much for my content because it wasn’t amazing. It was just average. Why, because I wasn’t an expert and I truly didn’t understand those topics, but most of the content that I produce on marketing, it does well. Why? As you guess, because I know that topic inside and out, I know it super well so I can write extremely well on it compared to most people.

Way number two, Google wants you to focus your content on a specific industry or niche. As Google stated in the past, they prefer that you don’t create lots of content on different topics.

Way number three, make sure your content is executable. If someone reads your content and they don’t have a specific takeaway and they don’t know what to do next, you’re failing with your content then. What I like to do is end my articles with a summary and that summary is of the learnings and I express that summary through a conclusion and I make it very clear with key takeaways. I also label my conclusion with the word conclusion as a heading, so that way, it’s clear in case someone wants to just skim your article.

Way number four, continually update your content. Things change over time. You don’t assume that if you write a piece of content it will keep getting traffic. As things get stale, your traffic will go down. It sucks, but it’s the reality, so you want to keep your content up to date and fresh and relevant so it provides users with the best experience possible. When updating your content, it’s not about how much you change, it’s more about, what do you need to change to make it amazing?

Try to update your content at least once a year. I like having my team go through our content at least once a quarter, if not twice a year, on the worst absolute case if we’re super busy.

Way number five, add in your secret sauce. What do you know that others don’t? What have you experienced that others haven’t? By adding in your secret sauce and your personal experiences, you are more likely to get social shares, back links and generate more traffic. If you’re just regurgitating what everyone else is already saying, then there’s nothing that will be unique. So in every piece of content, try to add in your personal experiences.

Way number six, appeal to all different types of readers. Some people like skimming, some people love reading. Some people love watching videos. Some people like listening and some people are visual learners. In other words, use things like videos, infographics, images and anything else that you think can help improve the experience. Just look at this image that breaks down how fast a chetah runs. Yes, the topic’s been beat to death but the visuals make it different and easier to really comprehend how fast a chetah runs.

Way number seven, do your keyword research. I want you to head over to Ubersuggest and type in a keyword related to the topic that you’re focusing on. For this example, I’m using the term digital marketing. In the left hand navigation, I want you to click on keyword ideas. This is where you can find a lot of different keywords.

I want you to click on the tab, like related, questions, preposition. This is where you’ll find a lot of keywords and many of them are based on what people are interested in. Integrating some of those concepts into your topic will help ensure that your content is thorough and will help you rank higher because it will be better than your competition who didn’t take the time to be thorough.

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