How Al is Changing Marketing and SEO (And How to Use it In Your Business)

Wouldn’t it be cool if AI did your marketing for you? Well, now it can. Today, I’m going to break down how AI is changing marketing and SEO. Look, technology has made marketing easy. Today, I want to share some of those tools that can make your life easier, and also talk about the future of AI in marketing.


So let’s go over some of the tools first. Tool number one, It’s a monitor and analysis tool that uses AI. It’ll tell you when something is wrong with your paid ad budgets. This is super important because look, as an SMB or even an enterprise company, you all have budget. You don’t want something to go over.

So let’s say you’re spending all this money on advertising, and you’re having people help you out. If you’re testing out a thousand different places or a hundred, I know I’m going to the extreme, if ones aren’t working out, you don’t want to keep spending money.

Even if your whole campaign is profitable, but there’s certain parts of the campaign that aren’t profitable. But the ones that are profitable are picking them up. You want to stop the underperforming ones so you can spend more money on the placements that are performing. That way, you’d make even more profit. So check out that tool.

Tool number two, marketbrew. It’s an automated SEO AI tool, and here’s what I mean by this: It’s a search engine that can calibrate itself to be like any search engine that you want it to be.

So it’s definitely worth checking out cause it’ll help you avoid some of the mistakes. Now grant it, it’s not going to be identical to Google’s algorithm cause they make roughly eight plus changes a day. But, it’ll give you a a good idea of what’s going to work and what’s not going to work.

Tool number three, Content creation tools, especially ones that are using AI, are not perfect. But, they do save you a lot of time. What if, tools helps with your titles, your outlines, and even paragraphs, and you just have to go in and put some keywords. It’ll help set up all this content for you, and then you just had to go in and make it better. That’s what does. It’ll give you a head start, and it can save you, sometimes, half the time when it comes to creating content which is huge. Especially if you hate writing content.

Tool number four, clearscope. This will help you get more traffic from your writing. And that’s cause clearscope helps you produce content that’s highly relevant to what people are searching for. It helps you determine, what topics you should focus on, as well as the writing aspect of your content creation.

Such as headings, keywords that you should use within your content to also get the most traffic. Cause remember, if you use tools like Ubersuggest to do your keyword research which you should, it’s not just about those head terms.That’s when Ubersuggest we have those keyword ideas cause there’s all these other longed out keywords that you need to use as well.

Now that we covered some tools that you should try, here’s where marketing and AI is going in the future. With SEO, people like me at Ubersuggest, we have teams of people working on AI machine learning where you can put java script on your website, and it just does all your SEO for you. So you don’t have to end up changing any aspect of your on page code and the tool will do it for you.

We’re even trying to use machine learning and we’re running experiments on our end to figure out if we can even matching build links to do the outreach for you, all automated as if it was humans, and actually get you linked without having a human do it. And with marketing, you’re going to see AI integrated into all forms of marketing.

Now it doesn’t mean that all the AI is going to replace humans cause humans can do a lot of creative thinking and is yet to be seen if AI can do the same type of creative skills. Especially when it comes to marketing campaigns. But, it can make it worth more efficient and you don’t need as many people to get the same job done.

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