How Content Marketing Will Change in 2021

Have you noticed that it’s harder to rank your content in Google? Or have you noticed that when you share your content on Facebook, it’s getting less shares, less reach and you’re like, Hey, I’m writing all this content, but no one’s really reading it. And today I’m going to break down how content marketing will change in 2021 and what you need to do to succeed through this channel.


Well, let’s go over some trends that’ll help you.

Trend number one, you can’t rely on SEO or social media anymore. SEO is not dead, but it takes longer to get rankings and is harder, still super effective you just have to be patient play the long game. Social media, they’re continually cramping down on how much reach you get unless you spend money on ads. So you got to find a new way to promote your content.

One strategy that you should be leveraging that’s super effective is push notifications. You’ll see browser notifications like this also known as push notifications where people can subscribe. You can use it through tools like subscribers and here’s some of my stats.

Use messenger bots, email marketing, remarketing and even repurpose your content and leverage that same piece into audio form, video form, or vice versa.

Trend number two, you have to start translating your content. You no longer can just focus on English. So we started translating and transcribing our content and you can use Ubersuggest to help you out with this. And it’ll even tell you what keywords are popular in each of the countries.

Trend number three, you’ll spend more time updating your content and then creating new content. So if you update your content, you’ll generate more traffic than if you just focus on writing more content.

Trend number four, companies will hire people who just optimize for CTR. So you need to get more clicks and you do that by optimizing your title tag and meta description venture you’re going to see companies hiring just for that.

Trend number five, you’ll have to learn SEO in a new form. What I mean by this is content these days isn’t just about texts it’s also about video.

Use tools like Ubersuggest to include keywords in your titles, your meta descriptions, add the tags and the keywords. Mention those keywords within the video.

You want to use the Hot Script by Sunny to hook people in. If you’re not sure what the Hot Script is just Google Hot Script Sunny YouTube. You’ll see a video that breaks on how to leverage it. These are all examples of YouTube SEO that can help you rank higher.

Trend number six, You’ll have to spend more time on CRO. CRO’s conversion optimization. And you’re going to see a lot more companies hiring CRO people to adjust their content to optimize for conversions.

And my last trend for you is free tools is cheaper than content marketing and is more effective. So I have this tool called Ubersuggest, check it out. It’ll give you ideas on any key word, track your rankings. You can do so much for free. They’ll even tell you who’s getting traffic and your competition and the keywords they rank for. And over time if you want to keep using Ubersuggest more and more. You can log in for free. And as they log in, sometimes they collect details.

Sometimes they don’t depending on the country you’re in. And I pass some of these leads to my sales teams and it generates me tons of leads. And if you had to guess many how many do you think? I’ll give you a hint, here’s some high traffic sites just to Ubersuggest.

So if you had a look at this how many leads do you think? Over 200,000 leads a month? That’s the power of tools. I think it’s way more effective than content marketing. It’s cheaper in the long run. Not as many people are doing it and it’s people find it much more valuable than content marketing as well.

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