How I Built a Website That Generates 4 Million Visitors a Month

I’ve been running a high-traffic website for awhile, but it wasn’t always that way. When I first started out, boosting traffic was a tricky problem that required a ton of trial and error. I had to be creative, follow trends closely, and execute my strategies at exactly the right time. And now, I generate tons of traffic, four million visitors every single month, in fact.

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And that traffic gets turned into meaningful leads that drive major ROI for my agency. So how’d I do it? The answer probably isn’t what you think. Here’s what I did to make those four million visitors head my way. I doubled down on focusing on long-tail keywords. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Shouldn’t I keep focusing on finding new keywords that drive new traffic?” The answer is yes. All I do is this. Find keywords that I already rank for, even ones that seem like they’re on the smaller side, and I find long-tail variations that are worth going after. According to Think with Google, “The long tail could provide an untapped opportunity to connect with potential customers. Invest in these areas and see volumes grow.” But what are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are highly targeted search phrases that specifically serve the searchers’ intent. These keywords typically have low search volume, low competition, and high conversion rates, and they usually contain at least three, if not four, words within the query. Here’s why I love focusing on them.

Reason one, they’re easier to rank for. Why? Because long-tail keywords communicate a clear need on behalf of your customer, and they’re less competitive ’cause most people don’t want to go after ’em. Over 70% of search queries are for long-tail keywords, just to give you a rough idea.

Reason two, they’re less competitive. At my ad agency, NP Digital, we do SEO for companies of all sizes, SMBs and even large enterprises. We have an SMB division called NPD Accelerate. And at our agency, we’ve seen a trend. It takes less work to rank for long-tail keywords and you see results much quicker. Depending on how old the website is and how much authority it has, typically, we’re seeing results for long-tail keywords two to three times faster than people going after head terms.

Reason three, it’s less expensive than pay-per-click advertising. Look, if you’re using Google Ads, long-tail keywords can help you get a bigger bang for your buck. Searches of five or four or more words account for almost 25% of all impressions.

Reason four, optimized for semantic voice search. 55% of millennials use voice search daily.

Reason five, it’s easy to create how-to content strategies with long-tail keywords. You can just try Ubersuggest with this. So, how is it that you can go out there and find these long-tail keywords?

Well, there’s two main tools that you can use, and they both have free plans. So the first is, go to AnswerThePublic, type in any keyword that you want to go after.
It’ll tell you all the questions people are asking. A lot of these are new long-tail keywords that people haven’t been focusing on before and they’re not that competitive. They’re getting traffic, they’re popular, it’s getting pulled from Google Suggest, which is what Google is suggesting that are popular terms related to that main term that you just typed in. When you’re using AnswerThePublic, the term you want to type is usually one- or two-word phrases, like marketing or digital marketing, and AnswerThePublic will give you all these long-tail variations.

The other tool is Ubersuggest. If you go to and type in a keyword, it’ll give you all these keyword ideas. And for some of these keywords, it’ll give you up to, literally, I kid you not, a million other long-tail phrases that you can go after that are related to that main keyword.

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