How I Collected 714,000 Emails Through A Simple Quiz

Have you ever heard the saying that, “The money’s in the list?” Well, how do you go and build that email list and generate money from it? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m going to break down how I collected 714,000 emails through a simple quiz.


Well, first off, there’s a tool that you can check out, LeadQuizzes.

So let’s go over to the website and I’m going to do this in a new incognito window. So As you can see here, this is my site. Let’s say I scroll down, want to read a blog post, or an article on how to start a blog. I’m clicking, I’m a reader. I’m like, yeah, I don’t care to sign in. That’s quick. I don’t care to click on the call to action. You know what? I want to leave the website and let me go somewhere else.

You see here, exit pop-up shows up and the exit pop-up is a quiz. Want more SEO traffic? And you can end up doing something like this for lead quizzes. You can do a quiz on fitness, you can do a quiz on losing weight or muscle memory or accounting or finance or modeling or furniture, whatever it may be.

And LeadQuizzes can help you come up with ideas, but typically, anything where someone can get results at the end, which is what people take a quiz for, anything that gives them a personal assessment, like what type of home decor do you like if you’re selling furniture or if you’re selling art, what kind of art is right for you?

So I’ve learned a few things from the quiz. First off, you don’t want too many questions.

If someone doesn’t want to take it, they can click the X button. and this is answer nine quick questions and I’ll give you a personalized seven-week action plan. So some will put in the URL. If they try to put in their URL like, it’s pretty sophisticated.

Whatever quiz you’re doing, you want to customize it to people because then they’ll be happier with the quiz. They’re more likely to put in their information and you can collect the email.

I don’t want them to commit to zero because zero means they’re not going to get any results. Even though I don’t make any money, if they take this quiz, I want people to get results.

So let’s say they can either click or again, you can slide. And then it says, please wait, you completed the quiz. We’ll give you assessment and we’ll email it to you.

So you put in your name, email, phone number and then I have a little tick box that says, I agree to receive my quiz results in a series of email that’ll teach me how to get more traffic. I will also have read an agreed to privacy policy and terms of service.

I recommend you all visit the course checkout with your legal counsel, with what you should put right there. It can work differently for every single country, but we have a disclaimer and we don’t let people put in their information without selecting it. And if they, of course, don’t select this, then we don’t want to send out emails without their permission.

And we also use bot filters to make sure people just aren’t spamming others or putting in junk information in there, but that is how I built up my email list and it’s worked out really well.

As you notice in the last step here, I don’t have a back button because when you do that, what we find is a lot of people will go back. They don’t put it in, but if they get to the very end, you’ll get a lot of emails, high completion rate.

Over 80% of the people that get to this page put in their information, which is high converting for us. we’re testing removing some questions.

We found that the less questions you ask, ideally under seven, like six, seven, you end up generating more emails and quizzes and responses compared to if you asked 10 questions.

And we also found that if you asked two little questions, like three, it’s not enough and your completion rate may be high on the quiz, but the amount of people that put in their name and email, we found that actually drastically reduces and goes down.

So we found somewhere as the sweet spot is around six, seven, somewhere around there, but you should test it out because every audience is different. But this is the easiest and simplest way to generate more emails.

I’ve tested everything from sliders to just simple exit pop-up saying, hey, put in your email for a free e-book. Nothing’s worked as well as a quiz.

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