How I Generated 37,186,336 Video Views Without Going Viral

Going viral is tough. Everyone wants to go viral because they want millions and millions of video views. But what if I told you that you can get millions of video views without going viral. Today I’m going to break down how I got 37 million video views without going viral.

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It’s probably safe to say I have over 50 million views. That’s a lot of views. So how do you do that without going viral? And today I’m going to show you how to do that.

The first thing I want you to do is go to Google and google Ubersuggest Chrome extension. And when you type that in, it’s the first result, it’s The URL’s really long. So I just want you to Google. Ubersuggest Chrome extension And there’s over 200,000 people that use it, install it. And as you can see here, I’ve already have it installed. And you see that there’s this little orange U icon. That’s Ubersuggest. And if you don’t see it there click the little puzzle piece.

And then I want you to pin, click the pin for Ubersuggest, and then you’ll see it. Now, when you go back to YouTube and you search for anything. And let’s say I type in the word, digital marketing and I’m going to type it in. And the Ubersuggest extension will show you how many people search for digital marketing every single month. And it adds up. And I’ll go and create topics on digital marketing and, and based on a look at some of the other videos and what people are doing.

And I’ll use that to figure out, all right maybe I should create a video on this. And it’ll tell me not just what the search volume is for that keyword but it’ll also give me other recommendations in the right sidebar. So that way I have more ideas of the keywords that I could be doing.

The next thing I want you to do is go to, so that way you can get a bigger list ideas. And I want you to type in some of the competitors in your space.

So let’s say your competitor is Neil Patel, being me. And when you type in a domain name like Neil Patel you’ll get a traffic overview where you see the popularity of a website over time and how much traffic they’re going.

But I want you to click in the left navigation keywords by traffic. And when you click on keywords by traffic just make sure you put in their domain name. And you’ll see all the keywords that I’m ranking for.

Not necessarily getting this many visits, which is volume. Estimated visits is on the right side. But you can see by volume what keywords are searched a lot being Reddit, news, Google ad words, you know, Google my business, Discord bots Quora, blogging, vlogging search engine optimization, SEO, advanced search on Twitter, Twitter advanced search, copywriting, search engines, influencers.

And when you do this for your competition and you keep scrolling, a lot of the keywords won’t be relevant for you. Some of them will be, any of the ones that are it’ll give you ideas for keywords that you could be targeting.

I’m using Ubersuggest to find all the other domains that have a lot, that are in my category. Like if this one is on, I think we saw podcasts advertising or podcasts topics. Or let’s go, What? I don’t know, content marketing, click on it. And then I can see all the other sites that rank for content marketing.

One of the ones that ranks at the top is content marketing institute. Then I can go, Ima copy their domain here, go to keywords by traffic. And I can end up going through content marketing institute and then seeing, all right what are all the keywords that they’re using as well? And this will give me good ideas on more keywords that I can create videos on. And when you create hundreds and hundreds of videos like I did, I know it takes time. You’ll get the millions of views. Don’t rely on going viral.

You can’t predict that, but you can predict that if you create tons of videos that are useful and helpful, each video may get five 10,000 views a month or even 2000 views a month. But when you have so many, it’ll add up and over the years you’ll get millions and millions of views and generate tons of revenue from it.

Play the numbers game, create quality content in quantity when it comes to videos, put it on all the social sites out there you’ll get the traffic, you’ll get the views.

You’ll get the revenue from it, you’ll get the brand awareness. And it’s the long game. It works. Stop trying to waste your time going viral.

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