How I grew my email subscriber list to 873,049 subscribers

Want to know how I got my email list to nearly 900,000 subscribers? It wasn’t easy, but now my email list is basically like an ATM machine. My emails get an open rate of over 30%. That means over 260,000 people open my emails every time I send one.

If I have a product I want to promote at or event that’s coming up or something I’m excited to share or even talk about, my agency NP Digital, where we help companies with their email marketing and all forms of digital marketing, it’s the easiest way for me to get the word out and drive major revenue. Email marketing is super effective.

According to SaleCycle, 59% of email recipients say that emails influence their purchasing decisions. 80% of marketers say that email marketing increases customer retention. So how can you start building your subscriber list to boost your bottom line? Here are some strategies that have driven crazy growth for me.


Strategy number 1, create a free tool or content that requires email sign-up. People love free stuff, especially when it helps them grow.

So not only are they getting more content based on what they want to see, I’m adding them to my email list, which means I have more opportunities to convert them down the road and maybe even upsell them. If you’re creating something that’s of actual value to your customers, then they’ll be happier to exchange their information for your tool, your content, or anything they love using that you’re giving away.

Strategy 2, try an opt-in campaign. Offering your audience the chance to specifically opt-in or out of your emails may seem counterintuitive. Not, according to this 2021 report by Campaign Monitor. The average email unsubscribe rate is .1%. That’s barely anything. So if you know that recipients are unlikely to unsubscribe, give them the option. It helps you build more trust and grow your list with the right audience. And when they start sharing, they’re doing the dirty work for you. Having your emails get forwarded is an amazing way to spread the word.

Strategy 3 boosts the incentives. Did you know up to 60% of users sign up for a newsletter to receive offers and sales promos? Including something like signs up now and get X in your newsletter is an extremely powerful way to drive interest in something new and fast. How fast? 21% of sent emails are open within the first hour of delivery. That’s how fast, which means if you have a sale coming up quick, this is one of the best ways to promote it ASAP. Your audience is already hungry for an offer the second they sign up for your newsletter. Give them something tangible that they can act on right away. You’re keeping them engaged and rewarding them for their loyalty which means they’re more likely to keep opening, reading, and sharing your emails.

Strategy 4, partner up. My agency has found a new way to unlock explosive growth, partnering up with like-minded brands. 57% of organizations use partnerships to acquire new customers. The average business generates 18% of its revenue from pay search, but high-maturity partnership programs can generate 28%. That’s much more.

So when I partner up with other people, keep in mind they have a different audience than we do, so it’s a great chance for me to tap into their market and them to tap into our market even if we’re both in the same industry. They often have different lists, and that’ll be the same for your industry, so partner up with other people.

Strategy 5, run a contest. Did you know that contest signs have a 3.7% higher conversion rate than other CTAs? If you start a contest and invite people to participate, they will. Think about what part of your product suite you can give away; maybe it’s a consultation or a free blog. Sometimes my company will offer incentives like that, such as the hour consultation with Neil Patel, when people sign up for a contest.

Also, I want you to choose something that you can market that will get people engaged and start a sweepstake that requires them to sign up using their email address, and then, boom, you’ve got a ton of new subscribers to your list that you can target and segment down the road. Follow these tips, and you should be well on your way to helping your email list grow exponentially.

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