How Many Keywords Should A Blog Post Contain? | The Right Way to Use Keywords in your Blog

You write a blog post and you want to get traffic from Google. But how many keywords should you place in your blog post? Today I’m going to break down how many keywords you should place within a blog post.



The first thing I want you to do is head over to Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a tool that gives you SEO and competitive intelligence data, whether it’s on social media, SEO, keywords, links.

And when you load up Ubersuggest, you can just go to or you can go to, put in any keyword or URL.

If you put in a keyword, let’s say I put in the keyword, marketing, and it’ll give you a report that looks something like this that tells you how popular the keyword is over time when people click on it.

And I want you to click on view all keyword ideas, right? And these will give you a list of all the related keywords that you may want to target, that could be a good fit for you. And I want you to go through the list and add any that you think you should include within your article. Then I want you to go to the related section and do the same. And what you’ll find is there’s a lot of keywords.

But as you’re exploring and going through the list, look for the ones that are very relevant to each other.

And then you can just keep going down marketing videos. You can put videos on YouTube. You can put videos on Facebook, Instagram. So look for all the relevant keywords. And once you have a list of them, I want you to add any of them within the blog post that makes sense.

Don’t worry about how many times you mentioned that keyword. Don’t worry about shoving it in there. If it flows in as natural, add it in. If not, don’t worry. And here’s why I’m saying this. So let’s say I look at a keyword or I look at a domain, like, let me look at HubSpot blog domain name, okay. So you can just type in any domain name of popular website that you’re competing with.

And then in the left navigation click on top pages by traffic. This shows you all the top pages of that website. And if you keep clicking next, next, next, you’ll continually see more keywords and you can export this, but when you just click the export button, but when you look at this, the overall point I’m tryna make is, there’s so many long tail variations of a keyword that in your blog posts even if you’ll will target 10 20, 30 keywords, it’ll naturally pull out hundreds and hundreds of other variations of each keyword literally. And you only get a few clicks from each of them, but it adds up.

The overall point I’m trying to make is, how many keywords should you have in your posts? As many as you can, that’s relevant to that post. And I want to be specific on that, because if you’re writing a post on small business ideas, you wouldn’t want to throw in topics around taking your company public.

Yeah, that’s about business and it could be somewhat related but it’s not for the same articles, just two different. So whatever keyword, whatever topic within that niche just allows you to be more and more thorough, the better off you are.

You want to tryna poke holes in your article and cover every single aspect of that topic. You don’t need to cover 10 topics in that article. One is fine, but you want to go super in-depth on that one.

Google’s like at the source, they’ll figure out what you’re trying to say or what other variations of those keywords are that people may be typing in that you may have not mentioned in your page but are pretty much the same thing. And they’ll drive traffic to you.

Now, but when you’re doing the keyword research in the first step that I showed, when I went to the keyword ideas report here in the left-hand navigation, I went through all marketing, look for all the keywords that are very similar for the same topic.

It needs to be more specific like the HubSpot example of a small business ideas or the one I showed here in the example, which was social media marketing, right? That’s not just marketing in general, that’s social media marketing which would cover things like video marketing, because you do video marketing on social sites like Facebook and YouTube.

And you also do things like figuring out Facebook marketing, which is a keyword, because Facebook is a part of social media. Technically the biggest social media company out there. So I hope that helps you. I know it’s not a specific number. You probably were looking for that.

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