How Much Time Do You Need to Invest In SEO With a New Website That Has No Traffic

They say it takes six months to a year to start seeing SEO results. And you have to invest hundreds, if not thousands of hours to see results. But does it really have to be that way? Today, I’m going to break down how much time you really need to invest in SEO with a new website that has no traffic.

Look, you don’t need to do hundreds of different things or spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours on SEO to start seeing results. I’m not telling you you’re going to rank number one for terms like “credit cards” by putting in very little time, but you can start seeing results for keywords that aren’t as competitive, or long tailed key terms. And I’m going to break down what you need to do to start, for a new website, to start seeing results. And you can do this in a handful of hours each and every single week

Google Search Console:

When you’re starting a new website, you need to be focused on creating authority in your space. This means creating lots of content, and seeing how Google will respond to different topics that you approach. Watch your rankings over time, because if you pop out content, what you’ll find is it’ll either rank well, or it won’t. And some topics do well, and some don’t.

And when you start ranking higher with keywords on certain topics, write more about those topics. Don’t duplicate your content. And if you’ve been writing content keywords related to a topic that you haven’t been able to rank for, go and focus on other topics that are working.

What I want you to do is go to Ubersuggest, and put it in that keyword. And when you click on the Keyword Ideas report, it’ll show you are there key terms that are more longer tail that you could potentially target, and create content around that and see what happens. And when you’re on Ubersuggest, another thing that I want you to do is, in the keyword ideas report, you have the ability to put in your domain name on the right side, and it’ll show you keywords that you could potentially rank number one, or on page one for. And this will filter the keywords, that we are focusing on the right ones from day one. By now, once you’ve implemented some of these steps, you should be getting some traffic.

And now I want you to start using Google Search Console, which, funny enough, connects with Ubersuggest. And what you want to do within Google Search Console is look at the keywords that are getting a lot impressions and not enough clicks, and make sure you adapt your content to include those keywords, not just within your content, but within your title tag and your meta description.

And by doing that, you’re more likely to rank for some of those keywords that are getting tons of impressions, but not enough clicks, assuming that they’re related to the content on your website and the services or products that you have to offer.

A lot of people believe when you’re doing this process, you need to continually build a lot of links. And that’s not necessarily the case if you want to rank for long tail terms.

Now, keyword research, another two to three hours a month, and that’ll get you all the keywords you can be targeting, and you can even create lists of these keywords within Ubersuggest. And that’s a rough breakdown of where you can get started.

Now if you want a bonus tip on where you should spend some extra time, I would recommend going to Ubersuggest, putting in a URL, and looking at the site audit report. Look, if you have amazing content, but you have all these errors that prevent Google from crawling your website or indexing pages, how well do you think you’re going to rank? Not well at all, right? Because no matter how great your content is, they can’t crawl it, or understand it, or navigate through your site in an efficient way. You’re just not going to do that well.

Now this tip here, in Ubersuggest when you put in your URL and you look at the site audit report, this’ll tell you all the errors and what you need to fix. And the beautiful part is, you don’t have to do this every week, but just once a month, put a new URL, and look at all the issues, and look at the issues from top to bottom. Because in Ubersuggests, it breaks down the issues that are hurting your rankings more than others that’ll have the biggest impact.

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