How SEOs Should Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics has dozens and dozens of reports but as SEO, what reports should you be looking at? Today I’m going to break down the basic reports that you should be looking at as SEO.


Now, of course, the first thing that everyone knows to look at if you’re SEO is your conversion rate, if you have goal tracking set up in place, great if you don’t no worries, you can always end up setting it up, but all you do is go on the left side you click on conversions, you click on overview and boom you can end up seeing your conversions for whatever you may be tracking or you may not be tracking.

And I recommend just set it up and you can end up seeing what’s converting, what’s converting by channel, what’s working, what’s not, here’s the example of goal completions, that’s idea of, hey, what’s working, what’s not, what pages are and what you need and fixing that’s great for SEO.

But what most people aren’t looking at and this is where I would start off within your Google Analytics account is your week-over-week results. So here’s what I mean by that, right? So if I click on real-time overview you’ll end up seeing all right how many people are coming to my website right now.

And don’t just look at it as pure traffic look at it from a country-specific crackerjack or a SEO specific sort of traffic, and here’s what I mean by that.

The next thing I want you to look at is your overall search traffic. And I want you to do it in two ways.

So the first is, I want you to just go to acquisition campaigns, organic keywords and you can see how your search traffic is doing again on a regular basis. And the higher it goes, the more up it goes the better off you are, that’s a good trend to look at. And I recommend looking at this over time and extending it out.

So another thing that I recommend that people do is go to the Search Console. So let’s say I do last 12 months because as I mentioned I recommend that you check out the last year and you can see this, similar to what I ended up showing in analytics it’s increasing, which is good, Search Console tends to remove all that junk bot traffic.

But I also recommend you filter by the country, so you click on new, click on country, and you click on United States or any country that you’re targeting. Typically that list that’s ordered the ones at the top is where you get the majority of your search traffic, as you go down on the list you’ll get less and less.

And if you have enough time traffic, you can click on real-time then content, you can see where majority of the people are spending their time.

Another report that I like looking at is, as a SEO is your overall traffic, if it’s coming from desktop or mobile. Because if you’re monetizing your traffic and you have elements for conversion optimization you have to check to just make sure that you’re doing it for all the mobile stuff as well. Because on my mobile site I had conversion optimization elements but then when I was looking at my real-time, I realized that most people are actually looking at my amp pages, look at this, slash amp, slash amp, slash amp.

And from that, I learned that, hey, I should put some top bar to monetize, so I put that call to action that slides with you and I put a bottom one, and this says click to get more traffic and if someone clicks it just takes them to my consulting page.

But I did that and I started generating more conversions from mobile, specifically my mobile SEO traffic. But those are some of the places I would start off with within your Google Analytics conversions. Everyone should already have set up if you don’t have that set up, I recommend that you set it up. And then the rest you can check out and start looking at some of those reports.

The big one to really check out as a marketer and SEO is the week-over-week, and specifically how you’re doing week-over-week during that same day, and how you’re doing so you would compare, let’s say Thursday to Thursday and you look at it based on regional-based traffic which is where you’re making your money from. If you need help with your analytics check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital.

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