How to Boost Your SEO Traffic with Sleeper Content (And Stop Promoting Worthless Content)

You look at all these SEO tools out there, whether it’s Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, and you type in a keyword, like I typed in marketing tools here, and you’ll see a SEO difficulty number which tells you how hard it is to rank for that keyword on Google. Now, this data is pulled through backlinks, but how can you figure out if a keyword is really easy or not to rank without going through all the effort of promoting the content? Today I’m going to break down how you can increase your traffic through sleeper content.

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As I mentioned earlier, if you use a SEO tool and you type in any keyword, whether it’s marketing tools or even just something like marketing, you’ll see how difficult it is to rank for a keyword. And some of these keywords are really easy to rank for. Some of them are much harder to rank for. But does that mean that you can’t rank for these keywords if you don’t have a ton of backlinks? No, that’s not the case, and the reason being is Google uses many factors. Links are just one aspect of it. Traffic without putting tones of effort through sleeper content.

So let’s head over to the website. As you can see here, here’s my homepage. Scroll down, a little bit about me. And then now let’s go to the blog where you can find all my content. Now I’m going to show you my content. I want you to see what’s off, okay.

Some have little to no comments, like 12 or 8. But why is that? Why are some posts doing extremely well and others aren’t? Well, I’m going to share a little secret with you. The posts that tend to have a lot of comments I promote. I push on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, videos, and my live sessions. I’ll cross-link to them more. I even do email blasts, push notification blasts.

I give a ton to promote them so that way people get to know that content, they want to share that content, and hopefully it ranks higher. But you can only send so many email blasts in a day. You can only send so many push notification blasts. You can only promote so many posts on Facebook on your fan page before your audience gets irritated that you’re sharing five pieces of content a day.

So let me tell you a little secret on what I do. I create a ton of sleeper content.

I’ll cross-link. I’ll promote it more. I’ll try to build links by manually outreaching to sites. I’ll push it on social media. I may even do the email blast. But what I’m doing is I’m creating tones of content and publishing it. But most of my content that I publish like that, this is what I call sleeper content, which if you’re publishing it, you’re not really telling too many people about it, you’re not marketing it, it doesn’t all rank.

A lot of these pages that I’m writing content on aren’t ranking in the top 10 results or top 10 pages on Google. But a good portion of them are, and all I’m doing is just publishing content. The moment it gets to page two, I’ll start doing more marketing to try to get it to page one. And really what I’m looking at is not if it hits page two. I’m looking to see if it hits the top of page two or bottom of page one.

I’ve been doing this strategy for years. It works really well. And you probably haven’t seen a lot of this content because I don’t push it out in email blasts or social media mentions, but it works really well, and that’s how I’ve grown my traffic to millions of visitors a month. So let me know your thoughts. Curious if you like this strategy.

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