How to Build a Strong Personal Brand in Business

The majority of the people with big brands that make a killing make it because they’re a celebrity and they’re getting paid for movies or sports or music, as well as sponsorships, like going into TV commercials. It’s usually not from business.


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We changed the name to NP Digital, still my initials, NP, for Neil Patel. It also makes the name shorter. But yeah, no, I’m less and less the face. Also, the bigger contracts, let’s say if Ford is paying you, they don’t care about Neil Patel. They care about, “Who specifically is working on my contract, they’re part of the sales pitch, and what is their experience in my industry, and what results are they going to produce?” When you go over the big contracts, they actually care really heavily about the personnel of their accounts.

Remember, 77% of our business is from referrals and RFP and employees. So it’s like I’m not even getting most of them the door. It does help. It builds trust. It helps more so when we are starting off. At our size, it doesn’t help as much. When you’re starting off a business, it helps a lot. When you’re already established, it doesn’t help as much as one may think.

If he couldn’t actually do a great job operating and executing, there wouldn’t be the businesses of this scale. There’s a lot of personal brands out there, and people that are much more popular than him on Instagram and Facebook, but they don’t have the skillset on picking a big enough tam for a business, or figuring out how to build a operational team, or a executive team that can go and execute on it really fast, or helping him out with strategy.

Majority of the people I know who have big brands don’t make a killing. The majority of the people with big brands that make a killing make it because they’re a celebrity and they’re getting paid for movies or sports or music, as well as sponsorships, like going into TV commercials. It’s usually not from business.

Hiring people who have already done it just gets you bigger much faster, but it costs a lot of money.

Usually, can’t hire the best, because those people, here’s the other caveat, they also don’t want to be a part of joining a startup and starting from day zero. They’re used to working in their corporate life, and they’re used to managing a lot of people, and that’s what they’re good at, and they’re usually not good at building something from zero to 10, 20, 30 million. They’re usually good at scaling something from 50 to a hundred, or a hundred to 500, or 500 to a billion. So you got to hire the best people you can for the time.

You know, you going to $5 million in the first year, obviously, would you agree, that that was because of all of the personal brand stuff that you had done prior to that that led to that? It wasn’t just like one day you woke up and you started a $5 million dollar agency.

And 99% of the revenue came from a personal brand. We could have even had more. We couldn’t hire people fast enough. Second year, we were able to scale a little bit more on employee count. That’s why you saw even more of a growth on the second year. Third year, we had crazy growth as well. Fourth year, we had crazy growth. Even fifth year, we had crazy growth.

You’re talking about like 10-plus years of trying to build a personal brand and then cashing in on it.

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