How to Build an Amazing Marketing Team

How to build amazing marketing team? You don’t have to be a great marketer to get thousands of conversions on your website. All you have to do is build a great team. There is something I’ve been doing for years That’s let me build an amazing team. See I’m not the best marketer in the world. I can always learn more. I can always improve. I always can be better, which is why I continue to try to hire people that can teach me new things. But the way I’ve gone to where I am today is that I surround myself with amazing people and amazing team that can always teach me how to do my job better. Here’s how I recruit great marketers.


So, first off I make list of all my competitors. And if you don’t know your competitors, type in your URL into Ubersuggest, it’ll tell you who your competitors are. Now, what I like doing is I take those competitors and I look them up on LinkedIn. And ideally, these competitors need to be bigger than you. I look to see who’s working at these companies and then I see what employees are in marketing.

So if I need a content marketer, I look to see which content marketers work for some of those companies. When I find them, I look to see if those content marketers have been with that company for a long time. If they haven’t, they’re not going to be loyal. They’re not going to stick with you long. If they’ve been there for a long time, I look to see if they continually got promotions.

See, when you interview people, everyone says that they drove amazing results for the company they work for. Everyone says that they’re the person that’s responsible and made it happen. But how do you know if that’s true? You can’t just call up the owner of your competitor and be like, “Hey, did this person actually get you the result?” What you can do though is you can see if they’ve been promoted. If they’ve been promoted multiple times, the chances are that company found them valuable and they did a good job. Hence, they’ve been promoted multiple times.

And then if you look at their LinkedIn profile and go back to the previous company that they worked at, do they also get promoted multiple times? Because if they have, again, that other company has found them valuable. So if they’ve worked for your competitor or multiple competitors, and they’ve done a good job, and if they got promoted multiple times, that means, you know there’s a higher likelihood that they’re going to do well for you and if they did that for multiple companies, well there’s a good chance, third time’s a charm and you’ll be successful with them. Now you need to make sure they’re a cultural fit, because if they’re not a cultural fit, it’s not going to work out no matter how good they are but if you do that and you reach out to them, you have a great chance of building your team.

Now, when you reach out to them and you just say, “Hey, I want to hire you.” They’re probably going to ignore you. But on the flip side, if you reach out to them and you say, “Hey, John” or, “Hey, Sally, I’m actually looking for someone who has your skillsets. Do you know anyone that’s similar to you that I should interview for my job opening?” And a lot of times John or Sally will say, “Hey, I’m actually interested.” That’s how we get a high response rate. And then from there, it’s about you getting on the phone, making sure that they can do the job. Don’t just rely on their LinkedIn profile.

In other words, people who can execute it and get the job done and aren’t necessarily reliant on a ton of people and if that scares them away, then you know that they’re not going to be the ones who want to execute and they’re probably not a right fit. But once you start going through this process, you’ll figure out, all right, are they a right fit?

And then from there you got to convince them to join your company. Maybe why your culture’s amazing, why your team’s amazing, why they’re going to have fun, why you’re doing differently than the competition, these are all ways you can convince people. Maybe even give them equity or pay them more. These are all strategies that work.

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