How to Create Content That Ranks in Local Areas – Module 2 – Lesson 1 – Local SEO Unlocked

I’m going to be breaking down how to build local content. So in today’s lesson, we’re going to talk about identifying keywords, creating your content, and then beating your competition. And there’s a little bit more steps than that, but I didn’t want to bore you with the detail Because we’re about to get in depth on each of them, so you won’t really have to worry.

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So let’s first go by identifying the local keywords. You need to study your market. The moment you know what your customers are really looking for, and you put yourselves in your customer’s shoes, it’ll give you a good understanding of your market and what you need to do to reach these people.

On top of that, you need to study search intent. What I mean by this is not all keywords are equal. Some keywords cause purchases, some keywords cause people just looking for information such as how to tie a tie.

And then you need to review your competition because once you know your category, it’ll give you an idea of what your competition’s doing. What are they ranking for that you’re not, what keywords are hard to rank for, which ones are easy, and which ones can potentially drive you a lot of revenue.

A good way to do this as you go to UberSuggest, you put in your competitor’s URL, in the left navigation, you click on Keywords and it’ll show you what your competitors are ranking for. Or you can just go to the competitor’s report.

I also like using Facebook as well, even though Facebook doesn’t have much to do with local SEO, but it can show me how many people I can potentially reach online within a localized region, which will give me an idea of, “Hey, this is my total potential pool.”

So how do you create local content? So let’s go over the writing process. So you got your ideas. You can do the ideas in a Google Sheet and we provide a worksheet for you. Then from there, the researcher/writer will create a solid outline and that shouldn’t take him more than 45 minutes, and the most important part in this is the hook. If you can’t hook people, they’re not going to read the rest of your content, no matter how amazing it is.

Then you want to make sure that you have your name, address, phone number, and website details in the footer if not also the header of your website.

So how do you beat your competition when it comes to their content? Well, first you need to pick a target competitor. The way you do this is you head to UberSuggest, you search for a term and then you type in or more so on the left-hand navigation, go to Keyword Ideas Report, and then you’ll see, all right, I got my key word, who is ranking? And then once you see who’s ranking, it’ll give you an idea of your competition.

And you’ll see who’s ranking on the right side for some of these keywords that are related to your space. Then you want to take that URL and put it into the top pages category, which you see on the left-hand navigation. Once you put it in their URL and you can use the View All button to see, you know, all right, what are the keywords that their top pages are ranking for? This will give you idea of more terms.

And once you have that, go to those pages and look to see, hey, how are they using these keywords? Does it make sense with the products that I’m selling? And if it does, then I want you to go back to the Keyword Ideas Report, search for more keywords and keep repeating that process. And of course, check all the ones that are relevant and group them and export them.

After you do that, I want you to look to see what’s working. What’s working for your competition? What’s working for you? Is there any potential for you to take advantage of different content types like audio or even video? Do you have a comment section? Are people giving you feedback to see how you can improve?

Now I know I went through this lesson pretty quickly, but that’s because I want you to head to, click on Local SEO Unlocked, go to Week Two Lesson One, and under that, I want you to download all the worksheets and cheat sheets, which walk you through how to do this in much more detailed step.

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