How to Create Google Shopping Ads for Shopify Websites | Google Shopping Ads Tutorial | Shopify

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Hello Guys in this video I am explaining How to create shopping ads for shopify online stores. In order to create shopping ads you require merchant center account. To go for merchant center account You can log in with google ads . First you have to claim and verify your website in merchant center account. So in this video I have explained how to verify and claim your website in Google merchant center account.
To verify your website in merchant center account you can with Google analytics, tag manager and with the help of small code on your website. Once you done any of these methods your website will be verified and claimed. There are some tax settings , but I haven’t explained in this video. Once you have claimed your website, you have to add the feed.
Feed can be uploaded in different methods like, google sheet, fetch option or Content API. Shopify people can go for API. If yours is a wordpress you can choose either Google sheet or fetch option. Google always suggests Sheets, but it is lengthy process and some time there is possibility of making mistakes . So in this video I have explained how to go with Fetch process with the help of plugin called Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce

Once you use this plugin and the feed, you have to upload once xml url in Merchant center account. Google will take 3 business days to approve your feed. Once your feed is approved , you have to link your Merchant center account with google ads so that you can utilize this feed in Shopping ads .

Once Google ads and merchant center account successfully linked create shoppings ads as mentioned in the video.

So in this video you are going to learn the following things

Google merchant account
Google merchant center account login and setup
How to create google shopping ads
Create Google merchant account
Google merchant account setup
How to add products in google shopping
how to create shopping ads
Google merchant center login

Follow these steps before you are Going for Google merchant center account and shopping ads

1.Google ads
2.Merchant center account…..
3.verify and claim your website
4.Feed…Google sheet, fetch.(paste the url)…Go back to wordpress
5.Install Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce and set up
6.Copy that url
7.3 working days ur feed will be live..How many product approved.
8.Link merchant center account and Google ads
9.Merchant center..linked account…
10. Go back to google ads..accept..both have linked
11. Google ads

Shopping ads are always good as compare in Search ads.
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