How to Create IG Reels That Actually Make Money (My Over the shoulder 7 Figure Process)

How to Create IG Reels That Actually Make Money (My Over the shoulder 7 Figure Process)

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Creating Instagram Reels that go viral and generate income requires strategic planning, consistent posting, and understanding the platform’s nuances. Here’s a condensed guide on how to create Instagram Reels and how to make money with Instagram Reels.

How to Create Instagram Reels
Consistent Posting: Post 2-3 Instagram Reels daily to gain traction and attract viewers. Established creators can post less frequently, but consistency is crucial to keeping your audience engaged and signaling to Instagram’s algorithm that you are active.

Utilize Trending Audio: Use trending audio with fewer than 2,000-3,000 creators to increase your chances of going viral. Explore the Instagram Reels section to find these audios, indicated by an upward arrow icon.

Optimal Video Length and Content: Create short, 5-8 second Instagram Reels without talking. These should be visually engaging and include a strong hook to keep viewers watching and rewatching, boosting your engagement metrics.

Effective Call to Action: Always include a call to action (CTA) like “follow me,” “link in bio,” or encouraging comments. Place the CTA within the video or caption to drive interaction and improve your content’s algorithmic ranking.

Content Creation Process: Start by finding trending audio. Use simple B-roll footage, edit it down to the optimal length, and add compelling text overlays. This straightforward process is highly effective for creating engaging Instagram Reels.

How to Make Money with Instagram Reels
Build a Follower Base: Consistent, engaging Instagram Reels help grow your follower count, expanding your potential customer base.

Sponsored Content and Partnerships: Collaborate with brands for sponsored posts or product placements. Ensure these align with your brand to maintain authenticity and trust.

Affiliate Marketing: Promote products or services with affiliate links in your bio. Earn commissions when followers purchase through these links by showcasing the products in your Instagram Reels.

Selling Products or Services: Use Instagram Reels to highlight your own products or services. Create engaging content that demonstrates their benefits and includes a strong CTA to drive traffic to your store or website.

Promote Courses or E-books: Share your expertise by creating online courses or e-books. Use Instagram Reels to give sneak peeks, share testimonials, and explain their value, directing your audience to purchase or learn more.

Tips for Success
Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and DMs, and engage with followers’ content to build a loyal community.
Analyze Performance: Regularly check Instagram insights to understand which Instagram Reels perform well and replicate that success.
Stay Updated with Trends: Keep an eye on trends to keep your content relevant and engaging.
Quality Over Quantity: Ensure each Instagram Reel is well-produced and adds value.
Collaborate with Other Creators: Partner with other influencers to reach new audiences.


00:00 How to Create Instagram Reels That Actually Make Money
00:30 Importance of Consistent Posting on Instagram Reels
02:10 Finding Trending Audio for Instagram Reels
04:00 Creating Short and Engaging Instagram Reels
06:00 Effective Call to Action for Instagram Reels
08:00 Content Creation Process for Viral Instagram Reels
10:00 Building a Follower Base with Instagram Reels
11:30 Sponsored Content and Partnerships on Instagram
13:00 Affiliate Marketing with Instagram Reels
14:30 Selling Your Products or Services Using Instagram Reels
16:00 Promoting Courses or E-books with Instagram Reels
17:30 Practical Tips for Instagram Reels Success
19:00 Conclusion and Encouragement to Create Instagram Reels

How to Create IG Reels That Actually Make Money (My Over the shoulder 7 Figure Process)

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