How to Create The Ideal Blog Homepage

You get all this traffic to your blog, but very little to no conversions. And as your traffic goes up, your sales, your revenue ends up staying the same. Today I’m going to break down the ideal blog homepage.

Google Analytics:

When you’re in your Google Analytics, what you’ll notice is in the left navigation, you can go to Behavior, you can go to Site Content, and you can go to All Pages.

So when people go to your homepage, that’s a lot of direct traffic. How do you get those people to convert? And what I wanted to break down today is the ideal homepage layout for your blog that’ll generate you some conversions.

And I’ve tested quite a bit, and I’m going to show you mine. And this works well for B2B or B2C. First off, what I do is above the fold is my main call to action area.

Collect leads above the fold. Sell above the fold. It could be as simple as just collecting an email above the fold, like, “Hey, I’m sharing everything on my journey to 100,000 monthly visitors. I’m learning a lot, and so will you. Put in your name and email address to follow along,” or “I’m learning a lot on my journey to losing 30 pounds. Put in your name and email to follow along so you can also lose weight.”

You can do a lot of things like that if you want to sell over email above the fold, but what I recommend doing is just directly capturing a lead, like a lead for consulting your services or selling your product and directly offering your products above the fold as much as possible.

You can have a video, or you can just do what they did right here. New formulation, shop now, right? Above their fold, they’re selling you right then and there.

Or you can just offer your discounts or your savings, whatever has amazing deal right then and there. But that’s what I would do if I have a blog or if I were you, and you’re just like, “Look, we’re getting all this blog traffic, but for some reason our blog doesn’t generate that much revenue.” Well, switch up your homepage. Don’t make your homepage just a list of blog articles.

That’s not going to drive you leads and sales. Don’t worry about the experience. Don’t worry about your bounce rate. Don’t worry about your time on site. You won’t really have issues.

I thought that was going to happen with me, but everything was fine. People just scroll down and go to the blog, or they’ll click in the navigation. And if you notice at the top, I don’t really have tons of navigation options, why? Because I want people to scroll and be able to pitch them on my services or my products before they go to the blog, and you should consider doing something similar as well.

You’ll find that you’ll get many, many more conversions, and your blog will generate more revenue for you.

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