How To Create WordPress Website In Easy Steps| A Free Tutorial For Beginners

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Time stamps

2:40 – Buy Domain and Hosting
12:35- Bluehost Dashboard
17:06- Steps to create WordPress website
21:02 – To add new page
24:12- Add theme
27:31- Set menu
29:44- Customization of website
45:00- Conclusion and Task

Building a website is one of the most fascinating areas in the online world, as it has allowed just about anyone the ability to craft their own site. Although building a website can seem overwhelming to the average person, it’s actually a lot easier than most people can imagine.

WordPress is part of the reason building a website has emerged in popularity over the last few years since it’s such an easy open-source software to utilize. The process of installing
WordPress can indeed be challenging to learn in the beginning.

With this in mind, we’re going to discuss our WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2023, a quick guide on how you can install and operate WordPress as a beginner. Now, if you’re looking for any of the complexities tied to WordPress, keep in mind, this guide is specifically made for first- time WordPress users. Let’s take a look!

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