How to Generate 355 Backlinks With 29 Dollars

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just snap your fingers and generate more backlinks, a way that was ethical, that wasn’t breaking Google’s guidelines in a way that your users would love and they would want to link to you naturally and it didn’t require you to spend hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours just to acquire a handful of backlinks? Well, there is. Today, I’m going to break down how to generate 355 backlinks with just $29.


Now, as a quick disclaimer, I’m not encouraging you to buy links, and what I’m about to show you isn’t buying links. I’m not telling you to give money in exchange for link, and I would never recommend that. Instead, I have a really creative approach to generate links that doesn’t break Google’s guidelines.

If you look here, here’s the home page. If you scroll down, what you’ll notice is a tool section. If I go to the tool section, you’ll notice that one of them is an A/B Testing Calculator. People love calculators. You can have calculators on anything, weight loss, mortgage calculators. There’s literally a calculator for every single industry out there.

When you’re doing conversion optimization and you have two different variations of your website, which one converts better? If you had 1,000 visitors to variation one and a 1,000 visitors to variation two and variation one had 90 conversions and variation two had 120 conversions, this calculator will tell you, “Hey, Neil, “test B converts 34% better than test A.”

It doesn’t really matter how many people linking to you. You want more unique domains linking to you. So how do you create one of these tools? Well, you don’t have to have a developer bone in your body. You can just the term CodeCanyon as I did here. And you can click on, or you can go directly, and you can type in anything, right? It doesn’t have to be a calculator, but let’s go after calculator.

And over time, you’ll just naturally get people linking to it because it’s a tool. People love linking to tools. And this is one simple strategy to leverage to go and generate more backlinks.

Now, the more custom you get, if I end up going to the Backlink Checker again, and I also built Uber Suggest, which is a free backlink, free, not more just backlinks, but a keyword research SEO tool.

I’m not saying buy links, right? You don’t want to pay someone saying, “Hey, I’ll give you money, and link to me,” but you’re spending money on content. You’re spending time.

You’re spending time on development to create products, and whatever version you’re spending money on, the time-wise, whether it’s to create content or to build tools, it has a much better ROI than going out there and manually trying to hit people up and say, “Hey, give me a link,” and begging for it because when you’re creating value, people will naturally want to link to you versus if you’re just begging them. And it’s super effective.

So what I would recommend to you is go and create calculators, tools. If you can’t create them, buy them from places like CodeCanyon. It doesn’t cost a lot. Pop them on your website. You can use them with sites like CodeCanyon. You just buy it. Plug it into your website. It fits within WordPress. They have a lot of stuff for WordPress.

And as you release more of these, you’ll get more natural backlinks over time, assuming the tools are good and people find value in them. I recommend people do this, whether you use CodeCanyon or another site to get the tools or you build it yourself.

Just think about what can you give your audience that they’re going to love, that’s going to provide a ton of value, that they’ll naturally want to link to instead of you going out there and quote-unquote buying links.

So that’s it. If you enjoyed this, make sure you like it, share it, tell other people about it, subscribe to the channel. If you need help building backlinks, finding more creative ways and organic ways that aren’t breaking Google’s guidelines, check out my ad agency, as well, Neil Patel Digital. Thanks for your time.

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