How to Get More SEO Traffic Even When You Can’t Rank #1

Ranking number one on Google is tough. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get more traffic than your competition from SEO even if you ranked lower than them? Today I’m going to teach you how to get more traffic than your competition when you rank lower than them.



So first off, I want you to go to Google and I want you to type in something simple, just type in Ubersuggest Chrome extension. And just install it. So then, whenever you do a Google search you’ll see the Chrome extension. It’ll tell you how many searches a keyword gets, the cost per click. You can click here, view all. You can see trends on that keyword, age range, all that kind of good stuff, and keywords on the side.

One of the key aspects for SEO is keywords. The more keywords you’re targeting, assuming they’re relevant and good keywords, the more traffic in general you can get from SEO.

But here’s the thing, it’s really hard to rank number one, no matter how good you are at SEO for every single keyword out there. It’s unrealistic. I’ll never rank number one for all the keywords I’m trying to go after. And no one else will either. And what you’ll find is people who rank number one don’t always get the most traffic.

So if you look at this Ubersuggest extension, under each organic URL, you’ll see their domain authority. You’ll see their estimated visits that the page gets from SEO. How many social shares from Facebook or Pinterest, some only have Facebook shares or Pinterest or neither, and how many backlinks a URL has. And you can click the dropdown and it’ll pull up things like the backlinks. And you can even click the down arrow on estimated visits and you can see the estimated visits for that page. And it’ll show you the keywords that are driving those visits.

But the point I’m trying to make is even if you don’t rank number one, you can use the extension to export the keywords. And it’ll take you to Ubersuggest app where you can export there. And you can export the results for any term, like the marketing one, right? I can just export it. Go here, click View all. And same thing. I can end up exporting it to CSV and you can get the full list.

But the point I’m trying to make is I want you to do this for any terms that you could be ranking on that you may not be ranking number one.

And what I want you to do is look at the people above you and start looking at the keywords they rank for and just keep clicking Next, Next, Next. And you’ll see all the popular key words, their position, and that’ll give you ideas of keywords that you should include in your article.

So if you look at this, SEO with Google, Google SEO. And then if I look at mine, all right? Let’s see if I rank for anything related to Google SEO. I don’t rank anything for Google SEO and that term gets good traffic. So I should include that in my article which can boost my overall traffic. Even if I don’t rank number one for that term, it’s another term that I could end up ranking for on this page.

And that’s how you get a lot of keyword ideas and generate more traffic than your competition even if you rank lower than them because what you’ll want to do is look at all the keywords that other players rank for that are getting a lot of visits and you can see it by just clicking the down arrow and you’ll want to skip the ones that don’t get much traffic.

So this one’s getting 3000 visits. So I probably won’t look at that. WordStream 33,000. I’m at 50,000. Oh no, that’s WordStream. Again, is that 50,000. I’m at 37.

So even though I rank higher than WordStream and they’re more lower on the page, they’re raking for other terms that I’m not ranking for, like SEO optimizing, SEO optimizations, that I should start including within my content so I can rank higher.

And then what you’ll want to do is just include the ones that are relevant, rewrite your copy, update it. And over time, you’ll start ranking for more terms and getting more traffic.

I hope that helps you get more search traffic than your competition even when you’re ranking lower than them.

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