How to Get Your First 1,000 Visitors With SEO and Content Marketing

A website with no visitors isn’t really a website at all. Today I’m going to break down how to get your first 1000 visitors with SEO and content marketing.


So step 1, do keyword research for high and low search volume keywords. You can do this in Ubersuggest. All you have to do is put keywords within your space, in Ubersuggest, just go to and I’ll show you which keywords are really popular and which ones aren’t. And in the keyword ideas report on Ubersuggest, you can actually see which ones are attainable by your website by just using the page one ranking potential button on the keyword ideas report. And when you click on that, you put in your all, it’ll show you which keywords you have a shot for ranking for it, and which ones you don’t.

Step 2, start by creating content around lower competitive keywords first. Now you can use tools like, which can help you produce content. And it does in a semi-automated way. It’ll take keywords, the topic that you want to write on, it’ll help you outline and it’ll even help you write the paragraphs, but here’s the thing: you need to go in there and modify it. Jarvis can make the content somewhat flow. It doesn’t always make sense. It’s good to save you time. Don’t use it as a tool that’ll write your content for you automatically, use it at as tool that’ll make content writing easier for you.

Step 3, in the first couple weeks, promote your content with paid social media ads. Help boost the content, like when I post content on Facebook, a lot of times I’ll boost it. It really helps get those signals going, gets more people to see it.

Step 4, as you start gradually linking for some keywords, create topic clusters that can help you become more authoritative in these bigger topics. Over time, you’ll start dominating more and more keywords around that topic. A great example of this is on SEO on the site, I have articles on SEO, but I have a lot of sub-articles around on-page SEO, link-building, site maps, which all encompasses together, so then that way Google knows my site’s around SEO where I’m creating those topic clusters and I rank higher overall.

Step 5, use social media. Your social media content for promotion should be specific for each platform. For example, on Instagram, I could create a teaser video that would, you know, talk about the main pain points that people are having related to the content pieces that I just wrote. And then I have a call to action telling people to go check it out. And I may even link to it in my bio on Instagram, so people can just click that link and go over. And with LinkedIn, I found that live does really well. Instagram TV does really well. Stories do really well. When you’re doing a story, use a sticker so you can drive people to your site. And when it comes to YouTube, videos do better. Facebook, paid promotion, sadly, do the best. LinkedIn, only 3% of your users are roughly creating content, anything you create on LinkedIn, probably going to do well, assuming it’s good quality.

Step 6, capture leads and nurtures them over time. Once you acquire organic traffic, you need to keep getting more value from those users. Capture those emails through tools like Hello Bar. Capture push notifications through tools like Subscribers, or chat bot subscribers through tools like MobileMonkey and keep those people engaged by giving them additional value with other content pieces around the same topic that brought them in. If you do that, you’re going to get your first 1000 visitors plus more.

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