How to Grow a Brand New TikTok Account FAST (Step by Step)

How to grow a brand new TikTok account, fast, step by step. Today, I’m going to show you how you can grow a brand new TikTok account. You’ve probably seen accounts getting millions of views, followers, and engagement completely out of the blue in the past year. And that’s one of the coolest things about TikTok. You don’t need to be a celebrity in order to grow an account pretty much overnight.


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I can’t tell you anything that would be guaranteed to generate millions of followers and views, but in the last six months, I’ve grown my account from zero to over 30,000 followers. I haven’t been able to grow that fast in other platforms in the last couple years, because they’re too competitive. But with TikTok, which is a relatively new platform, not only have I grown my account, but I’ve also had hundreds and thousands of views in three of my videos. If you ask me, that’s not too shabby. And I haven’t been able to get that number of views on Instagram, for example. So here are a few things that the most popular accounts have in common and you should apply if you want to grow on TikTok.

Step one, find inspiration. If you haven’t been around on TikTok for a while you probably don’t have many great ideas of what works best on that platform.

But here’s the thing, you should limit how many sources of inspiration you’re using. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to model after too many different accounts. Pick two or four creators that are similar to you, but don’t pick huge creators with more than a million followers.

Step two, plan your content topics to appeal to a broad audience. On other platforms, it’s great when you niche down and try to service a particular audience. Try different content formats, such as vlogs, tips, educational videos, entertainment videos, heck, even dancing videos, and then see what performs the best, so that you can focus more on it in the future. As you learn from your audience about what’s the most appealing for them, then you can start gradually nicheing down to more specific areas and topics.

Step three, in your first month create a content calendar to post a few content pieces each day and record them in batches. And in order to learn fast, you should be trying going to publish three to five times a day so you can start collecting as much data as possible, and then of course over time if you want to slow down, you can. If you don’t want to record content every day, that’s okay. The best thing to do is plan at least one week’s worth of content at once. And then just record that entire batch at the same time.

Step four, spend some time understanding content formats that are the most impactful for you. And what I mean by that is learning how creators do amazing introductions in the first few seconds of video. Learning how they manage to keep an audience engaged throughout the middle of their videos is also important. And then most importantly, learn how creators are delivering enough value that gets people to keep coming back and follow them.

Step five, make sure you use captions in your videos. Remember, not everyone has sound on, so make sure you’re using captions, so that way if people are in a public setting, they can just read and get what your video’s all about. That way, you get more engagement and less people leaving.

Step six, keep track of your critical metrics. There are a few metrics that’ll help you determine what makes a great piece of content and what makes a content piece fail. In terms of performance, you should be looking at things like views, likes, comments, shares. These are really critical.

When it comes to traffic sources, TikTok allows you to see what features inside the app are sending you traffic. It’s really important to know where your traffic’s coming from so you can double down on those sources and get more of it. You should always leverage what’s working for you and stick with it as long as it’s working.

Always of course, you want to keep trying new things as well but focus the majority of your efforts on the areas that your metrics are showing that are working and driving the views and followers and engagement.

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