How to Make Faceless YouTube Shorts With AI (New ChatGPT Store)

How to Make Faceless YouTube Shorts With AI (New ChatGPT Store)

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I recently came across a video titled “How to Make Faceless YouTube Shorts With AI (New ChatGPT Store),” which showcased a fascinating AI-powered YouTube channel earning an impressive $64,000 monthly revenue. All its content is generated by AI in minutes.

The video introduced a solution using the ChatGPT store, allowing users to specify video type, voiceover, and music, with AI handling the rest. The process involves signing up for an InVideo AI account, upgrading ChatGPT to the Plus plan, and adding the InVideo AI plugin.

You start creating your video within ChatGPT, focusing on the right niche and topic for views and ad revenue. Specific instructions to ChatGPT, like video type and music mood, yield better results. After preferences are set, ChatGPT and InVideo AI create the video, which you can fine-tune before exporting and uploading to YouTube.

For visibility and searchability, crafting a compelling title and description aligned with popular search queries is essential. The video also suggests creating multiple YouTube Shorts daily and adding long-form content to grow your channel and explore various monetization opportunities. In essence, the video offers valuable insights into using AI and ChatGPT for successful YouTube Shorts and channel revenue.

00:00 How to Make Faceless YouTube Shorts With AI (New ChatGPT Store)
00:42 How To Create An InVideo AI Account
01:07 How To Use ChatGPT to Make Faceless YouTube Videos
03:02 How To Create Faceless Videos with AI
06:30 How To Upload Videos To YouTube And Optimize Them
08:10 How To Create The Best Titles And Descriptions for YouTube Videos

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