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In today’s lesson, I’m going to be breaking down email optimization, but why should you optimize your emails? Well, it’s all about lifetime value. The more you optimize your emails, the more revenue you can generate through emails, and when you think about lifetime value of a customer, there are some people in many cases where they’re generating 30, 50, $60,000 from people on their email lists. They’re getting their customers to continually come back and buy from them, continue doing upsells, downsells. A great example of a company who has amazing lifetime value from their email address and their users is Amazon. So how do you start optimizing? Well, let’s get started.

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First off, you have a welcome email. When someone joins your list, give them a welcome email. The goal is to continue to educate users and give them stuff that benefits them so that way they stay activated and they continually want to buy any of your products or services in the future.

Then you have notification emails. These ones have one of the highest open rates. They should be real time that are triggered by specific actions that someone takes or even doesn’t take.

You also want to have high-value newsletters. So emails aren’t just about selling. You want to educate and provide tons of value, because if you spend a majority of your time educating, you know, they say 80/20 rule.

Then you have the review email. This is for getting surveys, feedback, getting reviews for your products or services, and this is great because it gives you instant feedback so that way you can fine tune your products and services, which will help increase your overall revenue word-of-mouth marketing as well.

Now you have the cart abandonment sequence. Literally, you’ll be lucky if 50% of the people that hit your checkout page and start putting in their information even complete the process. So how do you get those people to keep coming back? And we have all these templates in the Email Marketing Unlocked course that we’re giving you so that way you don’t have to start from scratch, and you can find all of these at

And then, of course, purchase receipts. When someone makes a purchase, you want to let them know that they made the purchase. Here’s the proof that you charged your card and when they’re going to get their product or service.

So try to just make people feel good. That’s the key with emails, from feeling like they’re important, and the way you make them feel like they’re important is to treat them as if they are important, because if you find them important, great, they’ll feel that way. If you don’t find them important, well, they’ll see right through it.

Make sure you help them out, educate them, do whatever you can to solve their problems, and that’s how you really get users that keep coming back and open up your emails, which will then allow you to continue to upsell. Upselling allows you to generate more revenue from your existing customers.

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