How to Navigate Digital Marketing

Even though I love SEO, and social media marketing, and content marketing, you can’t do one or the other or one is better than the other. You now have to take a omni-channel approach to do well. Without that you won’t do well in the market

How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021:

The Biggest SEO And Digital Marketing SCAM (That You’re Still Falling For):


There’s no simple solution. You just really got to do each and every single task. The way I look at it is you’ll have goals in your business. Think about what your goals are over the year. Now, break them down into 12 months. So what do you need to do each month to hit those goals? Now, break that down into each week, then break it down to each day, and then break down the tasks into things that could be get done in an hour. And have a daily checklist.

So if you accomplish them, you’re much more likely to hit your annual goal. And that’s how you just continually grow, in which you keep creating those checklists each day. And you make sure you don’t go to sleep until it’s all done. And if the tasks is too big to finish in one day, then you need to break it down to being smaller and smaller.

And what I learned is you’re going to go through ups and downs as an entrepreneur. Not everything is the way you want, and that’s okay. Just stay focused. And over time, you’ll do well. There’s not much you can end up doing in the short run to solve your problems or avoid some of these things.

You should be on both channels, but I would pick YouTube. YouTube will do better than all of them. Because with YouTube you can get the search traffic. And it drives a lot of traffic and it can give you consistent traffic over time. So you will get that from YouTube links.

The beautiful part is if you’ve already created a YouTube video, you can take the same video and upload it to Facebook, and LinkedIn, and then just include SRT files. because not everyone has their speakers turned on.

See, there’s over a billion blogs right now. So the numbers is going to get worse. That’s one blog for every seven people, it’s saturated. Video marketing right now isn’t saturated yet. So whoever adopts early is going to win.

Five crucial content marketing trends:

One, podcasting and video is picking up. They’re easier to optimize for. So do podcasts SEO, do YouTube SEO. That would be my first tip.

Second, is even all these forms of marketing: video, audio, text-based, it’s eventually going to get saturated as well. So start creating freemium products or services, like tools.

The third tip is voice search. 50% Of the people will be using voice search by 2020 according to Comscore. So optimize for voice search.

The fourth tip I would have for you is ads are going to continually go up in expenses. During the last recession, Google still generated more revenue. So assume that that’s going to happen all over again. So you need to optimize for conversions. Things like AB testing, split tests, all those kinds of things will help.

The fifth tip I have for you is build a brand. Brands convert better than non-brands. Really, truly, genuinely try to help people.

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