How To Optimize For The Page Experience Algorithm (Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Update)

You’ve heard about the Google page experience algorithm, but how do you optimize it? Because Google doesn’t really reveal that much information about the algorithm updates. And if you want to rank at the top you have to, in essence, please the algorithm, as well as pleasing users as well.

Crazy Egg:

Now, first off, if you want to optimize for the page experience algorithm you got to know what it’s all about. In essence, what Google’s trying to do is they’re trying to tell you as a user or as a webmaster, and a site owner and a marketer that, hey, you can’t just optimize for them, you got to also optimize for the user.

In essence, you got to put the user first. If you put the user first and you provide them with the best experience, Google wants to rank you higher in the long run because it benefits a user which pleases them.

And if the users are happy when they’re using Google, what are they going to do? They’re going to keep coming back. They’re going to use Google more and maybe even click on some ads, which helps Google generate more revenue.

So, first off, if you want to optimize for the user you got to run usability tests on your website. And you can easily do this through Crazy Egg. The overall purpose of doing this is you can see where people are getting stuck, where they’re not.

So people then can click on the post that they want to, that’s most relevant to their interests. So they don’t have to keep reading or scrolling more so to find what they’re looking for. And I do a similar thing on my desktop devices on my main blog page.

I have a little bit different of a header, but the same thing. If you look at one of the most clicked areas more than right here is I want to learn about everything and then they drop down and they can go and fine tune the content, look at what they really are interested in.

So what’s really interesting that I ended up learning from this. This helped me generate more leads and also create a good experience for people. Because at, we also offer consulting services.

So that’s something that I got from running a Crazy Egg test. Now, the whole purpose of showing you this is although no one knows exactly what’s in the page experience algorithm, what Google’s trying to do is just make websites and webmasters and marketers and business owners think more about the user experience because they want to rank pages at the top that are also the best for users.

So you can use Crazy Egg to then go and adjust and tweak, that’s what I do it for. And just want to show you how I’m using it to maximize my user experience. So that way I can rank the best in the long-term. Which hopefully will make it so I don’t have to build as many links, right.

As much content to get all that traffic as well. If you have any questions about optimizing your user experience, leave a comment below. If you have any questions again, you can just ask me and I’ll try to help you out whether it’s on SEO or anything else.

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