How to Optimize Your Website in Less Than 30 Minutes

There’s over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm. So how do you ensure that your website is compliant and you’re doing all the right things, so that way you can rank higher on Google. Today I’m going to break down a simple way to optimize your website in less than 30 minutes.


The first thing I want you to do is go to You can see the URL here on the screen. And then I want you to put in the website URL of your own website and then just click the analyze website button. It’s going to load you up into the Ubersuggest app. And you’ll see a report that looks something like this.

And once your report’s done, you’ll see something that just gives you your overall on-page SEO score, your monthly traffic, your organic keywords, your backlinks, how many pages were crawled, you know, your health check, your critical errors, warnings, recommendations.

Now, what I want you to do is when you’re looking at your site, you’re going to see critical errors, warnings, and recommendations. That list at the bottom of the top SEO issues, is just broken down per section but it’s the same thing as the critical warnings and recommendations, and you want to start with the critical errors.

Now how do I fix it? And then it breaks on how you fix it as well. And it does this for literally everything. Duplicate meta descriptions. What is this? How do I fix it? A meta description or small blurbs you see in search results under page titles.

So let’s go into five pages with duplicate meta description, right? It’ll show you, all right, there’s three pages that use the same URL here or the same meta description there. There’s two pages that use this meta description and I can go back to SEO issues and I can continually see a list and I want to focus on the critical error.

So make sure you have critical errors selected. That’s the first one you want to do, and you typically, I know I clicked on the meta description but you typically want to start at the top, fix all those errors, then fix the meta-description errors or whatever’s next, and adjust them in importance to your website.

So you may not see low word count at the top because for your website there could be other issues that are more important and those would be at the top. And it adjust the order per site, and again, you want to go from top down.

And once you go through the critical errors, then you would want to do the same for warnings and go through them. Then you want to go through the same for recommendations if there are any. And then, then you have most of your errors fixed. In addition to that, you’ll want to work on improving your site speed.

You can click or hover over the question mark, it’ll tell you what’s issue. Latency was an issue here.

Some of this stuff is hosting related. So you can check out host like DreamHost that can help with that issue. Same with, you know, latency for desktop, similar issue not as bad, but similar issue.

And once you fix all these issues, then what I want you to do is go back to Ubersuggest, type in your URL, make sure you’re on the SEO analyze report that is here in the sidebar, and then just click recrawl. It could take anywhere, you know, 10 minutes on average as it says here to crawl your page. So scrolling my site from scratch. Keep in mind I have a really massive site with probably close to 10,000 pages. So it takes time.

And once you go through this, make those changes, click that refresh button or recrawl button. It’ll take time. As I mentioned, it can be anywhere from a minute or two all the way up to 10 plus minutes if you have a massive site like me, and then it’ll tell you, “Did you improve your score? Did things get better? What new errors have they found? What are fine? Right? What did you actually fix?” And I mentioned what new errors are found, and the reason being is sometimes when you fix stuff you could also cause errors as well.

So you just want to go through and double check it, and then once you do this, you’ll see a completed report that breaks down everything that breaks down all your errors and issues and your score. And then from there, you’re pretty much good to go.

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