How to Outrank a Large Corporate When You Don’t Have the Budget or Manpower

With SEO, you would think that it’s too hard to outrank a big company because they have a high domain authority, thousands, if not millions, of backlinks, and they have a big marketing team with a huge ad budget. So it’s impossible to outrank them, right? Wrong, actually, it’s very doable. What most people don’t tell you is big companies move really, really, really slowly. But speaking of SEO, how do you beat these big companies? Well, there’s a simple playbook that I like to run that I found that it works just in most cases.


Step one, build links through animated graphics. I’ve talked about this in the past, but infographics are one of the best and easiest ways to build links.

Step two, write content and keep it updated monthly. Make yours better than theirs and keep it better than theirs. So, continually keep track of the main keywords that you want to go after each month with these pages. Search them on Google, look at your competition, see what they’re always doing, at least the ones in the top 10, and make sure your content’s always better than theirs.

Step three, add tools to your website. You know, I have the Ubersuggest tool, but did you know that it has over 24,000 unique backlinks? That’s a lot of links. And you don’t have to build a crazy tool to get links. My A/B testing calculator tool is dead simple, yet it has 687 unique links.

Step four, use schema markup. One way to beat these big companies is to optimize for click-throughs. It doesn’t matter if the first one has better SEO or more links, Google will eventually take that second spot and move up to number two because that’s what people prefer.

Step five, optimize your title tags for click-throughs. This is kind of like step four, but it’s a little bit different than using schema markup. We already talked about click-throughs, right? The more clicks you get, the higher you can rank.

So I want to break down 10 ways you can optimize your titles and meta texts to increase your click-through rate.

One, titles with questions have a 14.1% higher click-through rate.
Two, you can get roughly 8.6% higher click-throughs from a title with 15 to 40 characters instead of something that’s longer or shorter. So make sure your titles aren’t too long or too short.
Three, you can get up to a 45% increase in click-throughs when the exact query someone is searching for is in your URL.
Four, power words can increase your click-throughs by roughly 13.9%.
Five, get roughly a 7.3% higher click-through rate for titles that contain emotions versus ones that don’t have any emotion.
Six, and you can get roughly a 5.8% higher click-through rate if you have a meta description. So make sure you add one to each of your pages and don’t rely on Google.
Seven, titles with years generate roughly 4.9% more clicks, such as “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO 2025 Edition.”
Eight, evoking curiosity can increase clicks by 5.9%.
Nine, titles that resemble education roughly have 10.4% more clicks.
And 10, you’re more likely to be successful if you looked at paid ads, because they’re also scored on clicks.

Now, the next step, build a brand through social and PR. What a lot of startups can do that large companies can’t is use social media and PR. Just look at how much content I push out. So create content regularly and push it out daily.

And with PR, you can do performance-based PR where you only pay if you get results. A lot of companies like PRServe offer that. The more people that see your brand, the more people that’ll search for it on Google and the more likely that you’ll rank higher on Google, because that sends signals to Google that you have a strong brand.

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