How to Use Customer Surveys to Boost Your Conversions

Not incorporating customer feedback into your digital strategy? That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Leverage customer surveys to get actionable insight from your audience and boost conversions in a major way.

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02:24 Step 3 | Ask in Real-Time
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Do you know what your customers actually want? I’m not talking about what you think they want, but have you even asked them what they want? Trust me, you can’t afford not to invest in providing your customers with what they actually want. In fact, according to a 2019 Forester study, companies that invest in their customer experience program outperform those that don’t by nearly 80%.

Customer surveys are an amazing way to take the temperature of what your audience is looking for, what you’re providing for them that they like, what your suite of services or products is lacking, what is all relevant, and what could be helping them in their life. Look, at the end of the day, you got a relationship with these new customers, or even your existing customers. If you survey them and you talk to them, you’ll not just help them out, but it’ll also help you out. Here’s how you implement surveys into your strategy to drive more conversions.

Step one, define what you want to learn. Do you want to improve your product or your service that you already have? Do you want to figure out why your customers are leaving your website? Maybe you want to figure out what your competition’s doing that you’re not. Maybe you also want to learn how you can make your existing products and services better. You can just ask them those questions. Through tools like SurveyMonkey, you can actually run surveys on your website. Or tools like Hotjar, you can run surveys on specific pages so that way you can get detailed feedback and segment those users such as what region they came from. Or you can even look at, “Hey, this is the page they’re on “so I know it’s related to this product, “so I can ask them this specific question.”

Step two, choose a sample size. Look, if I ask one person where I’m going wrong, I’m only getting their opinion, and it’s not indicative of what my audience actually wants. The more brutal, honest feedback you get, the easier it is to define what’s going wrong. But you need it in quantity. So, a lot of people say you need 30 plus responses to have a good understanding of what changes you need to make. I say you need over 100. 30 is not enough. I found that when you get over 100, it gives you much better feedback. When you start getting 200-300, that’s a lot of feedback and you can get much more data on what you need to change so that way you can better improve.

Step three, ask in real-time. According to American Express, customers are likely to spend 17% more on a company that has good customer service. So when you’re talking to your customers during support or issues, ask them questions that you need answers to to get a better understanding of what could be improved in your business. That’s really the key. When you have them in real time, they’re much more likely to respond to you.

Step four, implement your findings. According to Genesis, 9 out 10 customers give value to a company having knowledge of their previous purchase and preference. Have you ever been on Amazon and noticed that they show you products that you’re more likely to buy and that you’re interested in?

The point I’m getting at is if you don’t provide all those things to your customers, those upsells, those downsells, you’re only going to generate so much revenue from them. The big companies keep generating more revenue from the same customer, and by surveying them, you can get feedback on what people like and what they need and what you should offer in the future as well.

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